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The 70-ton Infighter of Ryan Allen - Art by Chris Kotthoff

The Infighter is the only prototype design owned by Strider's Strikers. It has been piloted solely by Ryan Allen since its initial testing phase. The Infighter design uses a prototype weapon called a ThunderClap-20, which uses sonic booms and infrasonic vibrations to destroy the internal parts of enemy Mechs. The Mech also carries a mace which is backed by Triple Strength Myomer musculature.

..."My Mech's main limit is the lack of long range firepower. However the newest variant to hit the battlefields does boast better firepower in this respect when compared to anything previously carried on the machine. As always, the mace remains the strongest part of the Mech thanks to the Triple Strength Myomer musculature. In one lucky swipe, I'm able to take out a whole really lucky swipe, I'd say."

...Ryan Allen

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