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The 85-ton Stalker of Merrick Leghorn Esquire - Art by Chris Kotthoff

The Stalker is a common assault Mech. In its original configuration it carried more firepower than an Atlas, which left it barely able to fire half of its weapons at once due to heat problems. However the flexibility of such a heavily-armed design kept it popular. Always used as a command Mech in its days with Suzy Evans, Ace Leghorn, and now their son Merrick, it proves to be a family favorite. The latest variant boasts twin ER PPCs and a heavy Gauss rifle.

..."It took some thinking before I decided on getting the upgrades. I suppose it was mainly due to the old model's heat inefficiency that I opted for this latest variant. Who wouldn't want a heavy Gauss, right? Oh, plus I seem to have a special skill with the ER PPCs and it doesn't hurt to know that they make up more than half of its primary weapons."

...Merrick Leghorn

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