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Art by Danil Shunkov. Nestled along the largest bay of the Kara Ocean, the city of Bueltz is a thriving area of import and export. Home to more than half the planet's population, it is frequented by cargo airships from its sister city, Tarnish. Bueltz is near the Comstar's HPG, as well as the city of Utne.


Acer's Hueys

Acer's Hueys original team profiles are accessible via the Strikers database.

Acer's Hueys Original Team by Kat Wylder

Strider's Strikers On the Move

A Galleon and Striker make their way across the battlefield. The customized 35-ton Striker of Avalon Hodge has been modified to mount a Clan Gauss Rifle. The system has successfully taken down Mechs and allowed Avalon a chance to make a name for herself as she repeatedly takes her enemies by surprise.

Strider's Strikers On The Move

Strider's Strikers is a mercenary band composed of veterans, retired bandits, various House misfits, Warden warriors of Clans Nova Cat and Steel Viper, solahmas, and bondsmen. One of the few units to gather Inner Sphere tactics with Clan warriors, the Strikers grew from an unsupported lance into a regiment-sized team over their first 7 years. The unit was selected by Nova Cat Khans to bridge the gap between Clan and Inner Sphere doctrine. It adopted several Clan members to create a joint fighting force with a unique warrior mix. Strider's Strikers subcontract Acer's Hueys and the Crusaders, two company-sized mercenary units. Acer's Hueys is an elite unit formed in 3022. The Crusaders is an offshoot of the Knights of the Inner Sphere and was formed in 3056 by ex-Knights. Both smaller units also work independently.

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