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Protests from the Mirandan public spread across the Yama continent. Much of the anger is aimed at the Word of Blake, but most is squarely directed at the Strider's Strikers new temporary base, located near Bueltz. Despite this setback for the unit, the Clan half of the team successfully organizes a counterattack campaign led by Sasha Breen. The whole of the mercenary team supports this campaign and aides in its execution.

Elsewhere the Crusaders unit continue their own campaign against the Blakists, all the while without breaking their contract with the Draconis Combine to defend against Ghost Bear raids. The continued offenses gain the small mercenary team much attention from Blakist commanders. As a result, the Word of Blake organizes a headhunting unit specifically for the Sir Alec de Payens' group of mercenaries.

Though Sasha Breen and the Clan members of Strider's Strikers have incredible success in their attacks against Blakist forces on Labrea and Miranda, they know nothing of the Blakists' secret staging grounds on Labrea. When Maria Perez discovers one of these hidden areas on Miranda, her lance's Mechs are sabotaged by Blakist supporters. As the lance attempts to warn the rest of the Strikers unit, they are attacked by scouts shortly before being killed by orbital bombardment attacks. The final result of their failure to warn the rest of the team comes as a large scale Blakist offensive which removes the Strikers team from Miranda. Only with the sacrifice of the Nova Cat solahma warriors and aid from Striker aerospace support are many of the rest of the team able to evacuate the planet intact. The unit also loses more Mechwarriors and its Head of Security Mural Rye-Del during this evacuation.


the Clan half of the unit struggles for power, and slowly gains ground against any Inner Sphere opposition. Though its an uphill battle after the naval bombardment incident, the Clan half receives full support eventually in hunting all of the remaining Blakists down. Public support for the Strikers hits an all time low as crowds of civilians rally outside their temporary base.


Clan units hunt for Blakist survivors while Inner Sphere units must protect the base in a non-lethal way against protesters.

2. A Closer Target...AEROTECH

the Crusaders find a closer target in the form of a newly built Blakist base. With emerging reports of the chaos throughout the Inner Sphere, as well as the report of the Strikers enormous loss to the Blakists, the Crusaders again use a clause in their contract as an excuse to punish the Word of Blake.


the Crusaders challenge themselves to completely destroy an entire Blakist facility, as their previous raid proved rather ineffective in stopping the Blakists' rise to power.

3. Sasha's Fury...AEROTECH

Sasha Breen wins full support from her Clan teammates and plans a surgical strike against the Word of Blake. Rosa dies during the training incident because of a malfunctioning sensors system, but many suspect foul play as such instances are rare among the Clans technological superiority.


Rosa dies. The Clan side of the team wins a huge victory over a major force of Blakists

4. An Early Warning That Was Not To Be...BATTLETECH

Maria Perez and her lance make a last minute move to communicate with their commanding officer, Owen Hardcastle, after they find evidence that Blakists are building up massive forces in subterranean complexes in the Stricken Desert. They are taken by surprise though, first in their Mechs comm systems sabotage, and then as they are harassed by Blakists scouts on their way to the nearest comm tower relay. Though they come close enough to leave their Mechs and man the relay's comm room, the station is orbitally bombarded from a Blakist spacecraft overhead. The transmission never reaches Owen Hardcastle at the Strikers main temporary facility.


Perez's lance dies.

5. The Blakist Horror Again...AEROTECH

Despite Sasha's tremendous win over a major portion of the known Blakists on-planet, a mystery force of more than 72 Mechs with full support appear out of nowhere, headed for the Striker makeshift HQ in the northernmost Gustus mountains. Solahma warriors are able to intercept and divert the Blakists using a Clan batchall bid, but the Blakists only humor the Clan forces by agreeing on the battlegrounds. The solahmas are killed quickly by more than half of the Blakist forces, but the remaining half drive directly at the retreating units of the Strikers. Despite the urgency of the situation and the Blakists shocking comeback, the Strikers maintain air superiority and evacuate most everyone to yet another temporary base on the southern tip of the continent.


solahmas die.

6. The Evacuation of Potts...BATTLETECH

Rocky Potts is evacuated after Mural Rye-Del and the others make a quick plan to allow for his escape from the main Blakist force


all in Rocky's lance die except him.

7. The New Warriors Fall...BATTLETECH

Holden Trumphay and Hayato Rihaku use their lances to hold off the Blakist, but both end up leading last-minute retreats from overwhelming numbers.


Holden and Hayato lose some of their teammates.

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