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In a process to resecure their own world of Miranda, the Strikers begin to hunt down the remaining forces of the Denouncement. The infamous copycat Bounty Hunter, an enemy who has plagued the Strikers thrice, is captured. However the pilot is revealed to be only a copycat of the true Bounty Hunter, using the guise to gain financial benefits through intimidation tactics. Retaking their base, Strider's Strikers gain access to the repair facilities needed to maintain their fighting forces. After a short recovery time, the team returns to its mission to hunt down any remaining Denouncement followers who have not already escaped off planet. Again they face the Word of Blake mercenary unit Vampire's Fangs. Defeating all their Denouncement foes and returning some measure of peace to the planet, the Strikers find themselves the target of a local revolt. Though their military assets are not in danger, the political nature of the revolt casts the team in an unpopular light. Despite removing the Blakists, the Strikers are looked down upon for the civilian death toll resulting from their battle against the the Vampire's Fangs. Almost being removed from the planet by the local government's Baron, the mercenaries switch over to reclusive tactics until local sentiments change.

As the Mirandan locals soften their anti-mercenary politics, the Strikers hold a training session for their new allies, Acer's Hueys and the Crusaders. Several exercises build a new degree of trust and cooperation between the teams. Acer's Hueys share their Warship secret and all mercenary members are informed of the plan to find the ship. In a small covert operation, one of the Acer's Hueys pilots retrieves the lost coordinates from the local library databank from within which the data was kept for nearly 25 years. Though an overall success, the operation goes awry when unknown enemies intervene and kill Striker commandos. The attackers attempt to capture the Warship's coordinates with their own special operatives, one of whom implicates that DEST commandos might be involved. Shortly thereafter the Strikers use the information to voyage to the ship's location. While ample evidence suggests the Arbiter Warship was once there, it is no more. Returning home and debating on their next options, the three mercenary teams meet a dead end on their search for the legendary lostech ship. When a guest arrives who claims to know the Arbiter Warship's location, the mercenaries find their next chance to possess the massive spacecraft. After moving to the ship's location, the recovery team and search party encounter the ship's guardians, the Thunderdome Minions, in a space battle.

1. The Hunter Revealed...BATTLETECH

Trapping the copycat Bounty Hunter Mech, a lance of Strikers must disable the foe. When caught, the Hunter is revealed to be a copycat. Though extremely talented, and able to trick her employers into falling for the clever disguise, the Bounty Hunter that has been plaguing the Strikers is finally revealed. With her capture, the Strikers collect a bounty and use the payment to rebuild their damaged Mechs.


lay out 1 map. the bounty hunter's mech is suffering from a damaged hip joint. the strikers mechs can be chosen by the players, but must weigh under 200 tons. play until the hunter's mech is destroyed or disabled.

2. The Careful Retaking...BATTLETECH

The captured base is taken back by the Strikers forces. With plenty of support, the Strikers clear the base of any enemies. Capturing some of their foes, they learn more about the Denouncement sect and its motives. To their horror, many of the base's crew are found tortured and dead. The Strikers next begin building a new communications array. Sending a small task force to the Nova Cat liaison on Altomere, Devon Carns contacts his superiors to inform them of the Blakist attack's failure.


place maps to mimic the original base, as played in Storming the Base. WoB forces have installed new defensive emplacements along the walls of the striker base. WoB forces consist of 19 WoB mechs and 4 mercenary mechs. strikers forces can be selected from any remaining warriors and mechs.

3. The Fangs Again...BATTLETECH

Among the remaining WoB forces, the Vampire's Fangs Mechs patrol the southern reaches of the Stricken Desert and the eastern region of the Barmay Flats. The Fangs begin to threaten the locals near Bueltz in Peaman's Land, prompting the public to demand protection from the Strikers. Rising to the occasion in an attempt to improve their image, a company of Strikers set out to destroy the Fangs.


place maps to mimic a city area where the Vampire's Fangs have entrenched themselves. 8 of the 12 Fang pilots have either hidden their mechs inside buildings for stealth and surprise tactics or simply smashed the mechs into buildings for increased armor protection. strikers must trigger the trap and try to force the fangs out of the urban environment.

4. The Void of Peace...BATTLETECH

With the Blakists squarely defeated, the Strikers begin licking their wounds of recent battles. In the heavy fighting of the Fangs defeat, hundreds of civilians were killed in accidental crossfire or as a result of the Fangs cruelty. Though the Strikers hoped to gain a symbolic victory over the Denouncement, local news media play up the civilian tragedy as a direct result of the Strikers actions. Forced into their base in a series of violent protests and the death of one of their members, the three mercenary units remain inactive on planet. After two months of planning, the units take part in a joint training exercise.


5. Data Retrieval...ARMORTECH

Setting out to obtain the Warship's original coordinates, which were stored away in a library databank for the past 25 years, a small team of Strikers and Hueys covert operatives return to the public library. There the Hueys operative reunites with a past friend and gains access to the downloading point. Within seconds of the download's completion, the undercover agent is attacked and an emergency backup plan is initiated.


6. Prelude to a Takeover...BATTLETECH

Combining their surviving assault pilot members, the Strider's Strikers prepare a training exercise to test the might of their assault force. The training exercise provides a way for the Striker pilots to prove their worth based on a points evaluation system. Pitted against each other, sixteen pilots face off in a free for all.


randomly draw to determine which player will select the map used.

7. The Journey There...

After completing ten weeks of space combat training, the group of warriors selected for the Warship takeover begin their journey. With their Mechs having already been fitted with magnetic systems, the Mechwarriors strapped into their Mechs travel via Dropship to the Warship's coordinates. Arriving at the location, the recovery team discovers the ship is no longer there. They return home after surveying the remaining space station fragments in the area, which prove that at least some kind of spacecraft was built nearby.

8. A Second Chance...

Rethinking their options at their headquarters, the combined mercenary teams decide to organize an enormous search party with their remaining assets. After dividing into groups, the Strikers prepare several scout forces for a two-month search operation. However during the early preparation procedures Commander Strider receives an unknown guest who requests special aid to help her brother. It is also discovered that the Warship is currently in the possession of a band of pirates called the Thunderdome Minions, who are rumored to have Clan aerospace assets. After revealing the Warship's location in exchange for the contract's compensation, the stranger and two lances of aerospace support with a Dropship form a search party for her brother. The original recovery force reassembles, refits, and begins its journey to the Warship's location on the same vector as the search party.

9. Opening Sequences...BATTLESPACE

Arriving at the ship's coordinates, the Strikers engage pirate forces that are defending the malfunctioning Warship. A small space battle ensues, during which the search party forces attempt planetfall to begin their search operation. Quickly learning that the pirate forces possess an amalgam of Clan and Inner Sphere technology, the Dropship and search party forces run the gauntlet to ensure their forces survive to fulfill their half of the contract.

10. Iron Defense...BATTLESPACE

Testing the limits of their strike force's limited aerospace assets, the Strikers face the Thunderdome Minions in a space battle. With their enemy's Warship malfunctioning and crippled by technical problems, the Strikers send their commandos into the ship. Outside the massive lostech ship, the Strikers maneuver to ward off their attackers in an attempt to wait until they can safely dock with the craft.

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