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When Marik SAFE agent "Buford Olman" reports of the Strider's Strikers attempt to recover a lostech Warship, Blakist agents overhear the comm relay and decide to capture the ship themselves. Leaking the information to their Denouncement sect, the Word of Blake sets in motion a plan to recover the secret coordinates of the ship and capture it through the sacrifice of their fanatical Denouncement followers. The Denouncement group jumps at the opportunity to once again attack the Strikers, hoping to destroy the entire unit. Their own spies have learned that the majority of the Strikers forces are away on other contracts in the Federated Commonwealth War.

After surrounding the base and invading the Strider's Strikers-garrisoned planet of Miranda, the Word of Blake team demands the remaining Strikers surrender and hand over the information. Striker base commander Holden Trumphay boldly denies the Blakists' threats, and though he does not have the information the Denouncement seeks, he claims he will destroy the Warship coordinates if the Denouncement makes any moves against the Striker base. Secretly awaiting the returning forces, Trumphay holds the Denouncement off with help from the Crusaders mercenary unit. As the other Strikers units (led by Devon Carns, Duo Maxwell, and Mike Strider) arrive over a period of weeks, Trumphay leaks out valuable data regarding the Denouncement's weaknesses to the returning allies. The resulting guerrilla type campaign lasts for months and involves the Strikers operating with limited means of technical support.

As the tide of battle slowly turns, the Strikers gain enough initiative to take the Word of Blake threat head on. Though their forces are still divided throughout the continent, the mercenaries decide that a direct challenge is the best way to confront the Denouncement. Devon Carns and the Clan half of the Strikers make the challenge, with a batchall of surrender weighing on the losers. Despite Carns defeat of the enemy commander, the Denouncement breaks the agreement and takes the fight back hard against the Clan members. However, the Clan units defeat the Blakists and hand the Denouncement a severe blow.

1. Data Theft...ARMORTECH

After having their base surrounded for nearly 20 days, the Strikers sent a team of covert operatives to a nearby Word of Blake(WOB) field base to capture data information about the WOB's motives and firepower. After retrieving the info and returning to the Striker base, the Strikers were able to determine the WOB forces primary weakpoint, a place which their new allies, the Crusaders mercenary unit, would be able to overwhelm. The Crusaders received this information via coded transmission and organized their offensive maneuver against the WOB of elite and militia pilots, those units guarding the northwestern area of the Strider's Strikers base.

2. Waves on the Rocks...BATTLETECH

The Crusaders combat dropped near the Strikers base, using the southern edge of the Gustus Mountains as cover for their landing point. Successfully avoiding occasional WOB patrols at the base of the mountain range, the Crusaders positioned themselves for their all out assault, a move intended to deliver the mercenary unit into the very base that the WOB forces had surrounded in force. Incredibly powerful with their special weapons configs, the Crusaders literally crushed both elite and militia guards. The Crusaders also engaged the Word of Blake's green battalion, which took heavy losses but remained functional after salvage operations. With a little help from the Strikers base's skeleton crew, the mercenary allies entered the base and successfully doubled its defensive abilities.

3. Unwelcome Guests...BATTLETECH and AEROTECH

Arriving in system, the Strikers command lance and Acer's Hueys were contacted by the WOB. The WOB warned the Hueys and Strikers of attempting to assist the base forces by threatening to invade it. Untrusting of the WOB forces, the Strikers and Hueys nonetheless made planetfall after a brief space battle amongst a few Dropships. The command lance and Hueys received information from the Strikers base about the location of a repair base, which was a temporary home to the crippled Word of Blake forces from operation Waves on the Rocks. The elite Hueys and technologically advanced Striker command lance claimed an incredible victory, destroying all Mechs without any losses. The team also laid waste to many support and repair vehicles, further hampering the WOB's future ability to recover from major combat operations. However the Hueys and Strikers failed to realize the presence of the copycat Bounty Hunter, who tracked their movement as they retreated and located their base of operations in the Gustus Mountains.

4. Dangerous Discovery...BATTLETECH

Sending several scout groups throughout the mountain range, the WOB followed up on their tip from the copycat Bounty Hunter, who was currently in their employ. As the Strikers/Huey scout lance made their usual 'safety' patrol, the lance encountered one of the WOB probe lances. Quickly destroying three lighter Mechs, the Strikers and Hueys then engaged another group of medium sized Mechs. Successfully crippling all of these, the Strikers/Hueys returned to base in order to warn of an incoming WOB response. Quickly gathering their primary assets, the Strikers and Hueys retreated deeper into the upper altitudes of the Gustus range, hoping to slow or stop the incoming WOB assault effort that threatened their entire group.

5. A Terrible Gamble...BATTLETECH

Realizing the only possible escape for the Strikers/Hueys team, the unit's commanders devised a risky plan to escape through Gander's Gap, a pass notorious for its frequent avalanches. Sending the light Mech's through first, followed by the slow-moving Hueys assault lance, the team left its two command companies behind to fend off any pursuers and seal the pass.


the strikers/hueys must destroy all scouts in 4 turns. those not destroyed may take shots at the mechs when they move to retreat on the 5th turn. projectile weapons that successfully hit during the remainder of the game cause sonic waves that can trigger avalanches. the initial roll for an avalanche is avoid on 6 plus. roll for avalanches once each turn for each team that successfully hits with a projectile weapon, for a maximum of 2 possible avalanches per turn. each turn that sonic vibrations do not cause an avalanche, increase the avoidance roll value by 2.

6. Storming the Base...BATTLETECH

Fulfilling their threat, the WOB forces began attacking the northern edge of the Strikers base. Stationing the majority of their forces against the north, the Blakist teams also placed numerous units at the base's southern exit to prevent any chance of escape by Striker armor and personnel. The Blakists also stationed numerous scouts and one mercenary unit in the area between the base and the Gustus mountains, suspecting the base's inhabitants would try to rendezvous with the Acer's Hueys and command group assisting them. The Strikers and Crusaders quickly prepared a hasty retreat from the base and executed their plans. They met the southern guards with relative force and successfully evacuated the base before jump-capable Mechs could do much damage. Only with the help from the base's crew and pop-up autocannon turrets could they make their way to safety. The exit was not without cost however, as two Mechwarriors met their end at the hands of WOB.


the crusaders and strikers must use tactics to escape this debacle. the strikers' primary scientist and chief researcher, the battlemech designer rocky potts, must escape safely to rendezvous with the hueys and strikers command lance in the gustus mountains. ALL MECHS should concentrate on evacuation, not attacking enemies. Nearby are over one hundred enemy units, with 2 enemy lances entering the battle from either side of the base EVERY OTHER TURN. possible escape plans, suggested by rocky potts.

1.EVACUATE SLOW HEAVY MECHS WITH APCS: open the southern gates of the base and scramble the crusaders company with the newly recruited defensive lance from the strikers team. accompanying these mechs will be 8 apc vehicles, 3 of which are carrying important members of the strikers team who know that the Hueys team are the key to finding the lostech Warship. these apcs must not be destroyed or captured if the Warship secret is to remain protected from the WOB. following the apcs and 16 crusader mechs, scramble the three lances of striker mechs to redirect attention away from the apcs.

2.EVACUATE ALL FORCES SIMULTANEOUSLY: scramble all forces at the same time, hoping the overwhelming number of mechs will confuse and frighten any WOB units that oppose them. striker and crusaders should concentrate their firepower on enemy's with long range weapons configs. enemy deployment is as follows...

spearheading the attack on the north side of the base
wob elite company 2 - 12 mechs
wob militia - 24 mechs
24 regular 1mercs - 24 mechs
assault 2mercs - 24 mechs
84 mechs total
patrolling the south side of the base
bounty hunter company - 12 mechs
wob regular battalion - 36 mechs
wob veteran company - 12 mechs
12 regular 1mercs - 12 mechs
72 mechs total

7. Into the Mountains...BATTLETECH

Having escaped the base mostly intact, the Strikers and Crusaders fought their way into the Gustus mountains. Though they avoided the biggest threat, a company of mercenary mechs, the Crusaders and Strikers forces dealt with several WOB scouts that threatened to reveal their location. In addition to almost giving away the unit's position, the WOB scouts also had an opportunity to destroy the remaining APCs. The forces escorting the APCs scouted out any possible threats and dealt with them before they were able to attack the personnel convoy. Finally reaching the base of the Gustus mountains, the forces were able to disappear into the rugged terrain and escape their hunters. After meeting with Acer's Hueys and the Strikers command lance deeper into the mountain range, the surviving Crusaders and Strikers retold their experience of the WOB invasion and loss of the Strikers headquarters.


the crusaders and strikers must navigate their way through a distance of 4 maps (with a width of 2 maps) careful to destroy or avoid any scouts detected. aided by remaining striker vehicles, the mechs should be able to detect enemy units at extreme ranges and then determine how to deal with them. because of the nearby mountain range and high uranium content in the surrounding hills and valleys, the WOB forces will be unable to use long range communications to warn their commanders. however any WOB forces will attempt to flee if they are outnumbered or outweighed by their known opponents. if this indeed happens, striker and crusader units must chase the WOB enemy into another 'runaway' map, which will be added to the current set of 8 to increase the width. if the enemy succeeds in escaping by clearing this map, roll a dice. on a 5 or lower, a WOB scout lance will enter the farthest 2 objective maps within 2 turns. enemies that enter the farthest maps will not move, but simply protect this map from forces moving into it during the final turns of the game. the required dice roll may happen more than once, but could be avoided easily if enemy scouts are destroyed in other ways. after 3 dice rolls, automatically assign one additional enemy scout lance in the final 2 maps

8. Territorial Aggression...BATTLETECH

Seeking to weaken their WOB enemies scouting ability, the combined Hueys/Crusaders/Strikers units devise a sort of trap using their familiarity with the Gustus mountain area. Using several scouts to draw attention to themselves, the Hueys/Crusaders/Strikers scouts flee areas after making contact with their enemies. Luring the foes into a trap, the forces destroy the scouts or any Mechs that responded to the scouts' limited range radio signals for help

............ ----------------------

lay out a set of 8 maps, mostly composed of mountainous terrain or woods areas. when encountering an enemy scout, roll a dice to determine the number of enemies that respond to the scout's call for help. on the result of a 12, the entire mercenary company enters the scout unit's map after 2 turns. on the result of an 8 to an 11, 6 units from the WOB regular battalion respond. on the result of a 2 to 7, one heavy mech and one scout from the WOB regular battalion respond. all responding units enter the scout unit's map after 2 turns. Given an enemy's ability to assume the Strikers scout's escape route is the route to its base, the enemy units will blindly chase the scout for up to one map. after a distance of one map, enemies will move more cautiously in the direction the scout retreated.

9. Maxwell's Ambitions...BATTLETECH

Upon returning from Steiner space, Duo Maxwell and his subdivision of the Strikers jumped in system to find the WoB units invading the Strikers main base. Receiving word from their allies on the ground, Maxwell moved his forces into the Gustus mountains. There they reinforced the Strikers forces and strengthened the group's defensive abilities. After meeting with the commanders, Maxwell proposed an attack plan to cripple the Blakists' communications abilities. Planning a duel strike, Maxwell's group lead the first attack against the hijacked Comstar HPG station.


lay out 4 maps. maxwell's forces consist of 2 lances. enemy guards number 12 mechs, 2 WoB lances of 6. WoB wins initiative during the first turn. victory is determined by the number of mechs lost by either side after 7 turns. major threats to the strikers consist of 4 large ppc emplacements that protect the hpg station.

10. The Cavalry Arrives...BATTLETECH

With the success of the WoB comm network's destruction, the trio of allied mercenaries achieved a stalemate with the WoB. Though neither side could gain the upper hand, the arrival of the Nova Cats half of the Strikers cemented the Striker's survival. Landing as a distraction in the western Stricken Desert, the Nova Cats challenged the WoB's primary assault forces to a direct battle. Personally challenging the Denouncement team's leader to a man to man fight, Devon Carns succeeded in destroying his opponent. However the WoB showed no honor, continuing the fight with hopes to destroy as many of their Clan foes as possible.


lay out 6 maps. along the northern side are 2 stars of the clan mechs, thee of which are randomnly decided from the existing forces. heading the forces are commander carns and ristar cecil, backed by sasha breen and her steel vipers. opposing the forces are 18 WoB heavy and assault mechs, laid out along the southern edge of the maps. WoB wins initiative on the first turn of the game. carns begins the game with 40 percent armor.

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