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With the successful capture of the Star League era Arbiter Warship, Strider's Strikers, Acer's Hueys, and the Crusaders believe their situation will calm somewhat. However, Sasha Breen ends the Trial of Refusal with a victory over the Nova Cats. She chooses to wait to reveal the information, respectfully bowing to her commander in the Strikers instead. Sasha does reveal that she is a member of the Watch, the Clans' intelligence agency. All realize the significance of her membership as word of the lostech Warship would soon spread to all of the Clans through the intelligence group.

The Strikers hire hundreds of crew members for the Warship from planets within the Irece Prefecture. While testing of the Warship's operational systems begins, the Acer's Hueys announce that they fulfilled their portion of the original deal and need assistance regaining their mercenary license. The Hueys return to the Draconis Combine to pick up evidence and then make their way to Outreach. The Crusaders accept a Combine contract defending against Ghost Bear attacks.

Shortly after both mercenary teams leave, the Strider's Strikers Intelligence Corps reveals that Mike Strider hired an assassin to kill Word of Blake officials years earlier. Under fire for the classified killings, Strider is challenged by Devon Carns to a Trial of Refusal. Sasha Breen pushes to inform the Watch of Mike Strider's actions, but decides not to interfere with Devon Carns Challenge. In a close Mech battle, Carns wins and makes Strider a Nova Cat bondsman.

Carns reverses the decision only one month later by allowing the former commander to resume his position, purportedly for Strider's honorable refusal to use physical combat when he was given an opportunity to defeat Carns. Sasha Breen informs the Watch of the Strikers victory in obtaining the Warship. The nearby Ghost Bear Clan challenges the Strikers and Nova Cats for the Arbiter Warship, but loses the Trial of Possession. Shortly after the Bears' attack, a training exercise headed by Duo Maxwell on the Trilobite Moon ends in disaster when a Blakist terrorist cell detonates a nuclear weapon.

1. Hiring En Masse...MECHWARRIOR or DICE ONLY

Realizing the vast amount of manpower required by the Warship, the Strikers begin hiring for crew positions. They select from only those on nearby worlds that fall within the Irece Prefecture as a preliminary cautionary measure. All involved in the process are selected to prevent further spying on the team, prompting an intricate process of coverup.


the Strikers unit must be concealed during the hiring process at all costs. false mercenary companies must be established, then these covered up further by other corporate names. after these names have been established, determine the success of each coverup with dice rolls, with success determined by the GM. hiring begins for these subdivisions disguised as small corporate jobs, then each employee hired must roll for his or her intentions in applying for the job. any rolls that result in these characters as spies or assassins must then roll for success in uncovering the primary layer of coverup. if this is achieved, the GM and players must then agree on revealing the secondary coverup rolls, what is successful and not. a lot of GMing will affect this process and also determine the Strikers security division's success in locating any covert operatives hired.

2. Ace's Conviction...BATTLETECH

Ace Leghorn demands the Strikers take part in what they originally agreed to do for the Warship information. The Hueys and a single Striker representative embark for Outreach and make their claims to the mercenary committee. The committee agrees to re-issue a license but automatically grades the Hueys as the lowest position possible for mercenary reviews. They invite the Acer's Hueys team to enter into a contract of the committee's choosing and prove their performance during this contract. If successful, they will receive a better rating that more specifically shows their quality and reliability as a mercenary unit for hire.


Roll for a random assignment for the unit and play out the scenarios involved in that contract. Full or partial success respectively grants the Acer's Hueys either a C or D grade rating.

3. The Crusaders Assignment...BATTLETECH

With the final portions of the Word of Blake Denouncement attack finished, the Crusaders find work elsewhere. The Strikers largely have security back to normal on Miranda, satisfying the Nova Cats and meeting the Combine's standards as well. The Crusaders decide to stay close to their new allies however, bargaining that a second encounter with their hated Blakist enemies may not be far off. The unit takes a contract under the Draconis Combine, protecting systems that are often struck by Ghost Bear raids.


Choose a star system along the Nova Cat/Combine/Ghost Bear border and create a map layout that shows factories or other facilities that need protection. Random rolls with two D6 will determine the number of enemies, with 2-5 a single star, 6-9 two stars, and 10-12 three stars. Victory standards are determined mutually between players and GM, depending on the number of buildings damaged or destroyed during the game's course.

4. Bloody Secrets Revealed...

Concluding a messy internal security witch hunt, the Strikers Security Division unleash two terrifying secrets into the team's daily lives. The first of these is the little known secret that their commander, Mike C. Strider, had hired an assassin to kill those responsible for the destruction on Wasat by Blakist forces. The second secret is that there is indeed a spy amongst them, one responsible for either purposely or accidentally leaking information to the Word of Blake.

5. Not Without Proof of Honor...BATTLETECH

After publicly disgraced on charges of ordering the murder of former enemies, Commander Mike Strider is challenged by the Strikers' Clan Commander Star Colonel Devon Carns to a Trial of Refusal. Strider and Carns must face each other in a duel contest. Strider loses but also declines to use physical combat during battle, leading to his definite defeat. Carns shows mercy and allows him the option of revealing the assassin to prevent any further damage to Strider's reputation, but Strider refuses to give up the name. Strider is made a Nova Cat bondsman as a result, losing his rank and surrendering his command of the team over to Ryan Allen.


Both characters pilot 40-ton Assassin Mechs, which are chosen for their weak weaponry, heavy armor, and speed. Neither are familiar with the weapons loadout, evening the odds between the two Commanders. The battle area is limited to two maps, one of each players' choosing. Each player begins on the far side of the map selected by his or her opponent.

6. The Bears' Challenge...BATTLESPACE and AEROTECH

to be continued soon

7. End of an Era...BATTLETECH

Duo Maxwell and a group of his Mechwarriors are training on the moon of Trilobite when a Blakist cell triggers a nuclear device. The weapon is a crudely made missile system, but its payload of Cobalt-60 ensures its effectiveness. The dirty bomb blasts the area where most of the company of Mechs is practicing combat operations, killing several members immediately. Those that do escape find themselves in their own new predicaments as radiation effects are widespread. Among those seriously afflicted survivors are Dr. Bryon Jones, Alexus Capone, Buford Olman, and Corven Case.

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