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The situation on Outreach reaches a dramatic climax as Blakist units initiate a plan to destroy Wolf's Dragoons. The Acer's Hueys suffer under the attacks indirectly when rioting interferes with their licensing trial. The unit succeeds in obtaining their new license, but shortly thereafter lose several of their members in one of the deadly riot confrontations. The loss pushes the team to re-examine its future while it makes its way back to Miranda.

The Strikers suffer the deaths of several key members due to radiation sicknesses. Alexus Capone succumbs to acute radiation sickness, but not before confessing to her role as Mike Strider's assassin in the assassination of a Blakist regimental commander. Dr. Byron Jones dies after his own battle with the radiation sickness. Buford Olman is revealed to be the Marik SAFE agent plaguing the unit, but he escapes punishment due to his imminent death brought on by the radiation poisoning. The Nova Cats decide to bring their own battle to the Ghost Bears in a move of revenge.

1. The Outreach Situation..MECHWARRIOR

As riots erupt regarding the re-issue of Acer's Hueys mercenary license, the Acer's Hueys team struggles to find their way off-planet before the situation turns ugly. Unfortunately, several of the pilots are captured and beaten to death by a mob.


the Hueys pilots struggle to protect their own, but the mob proves too overwhelming, whisking away the captives as

2. The Nova Cats Strike Back..BATTLETECH

the nova cats strike back against the ghost bears, hoping to return the loss that they have suffered when the bears made a bid against the lostech warship


nova cat trinary against ghost bear defensive units

3. The Crusaders Push Forward..BATTLETECH

the Crusaders take advantage of a minute detail in their contract, temporarily dividing their unit into a defensive force against the Ghost Bears and an attack force against a nearby Blakist base.


the command lance gets to beat stuff up!

4. Nova Cats and Steel Vipers competition..BATTLETECH

The Nova Cats and Steel Vipers push for strict training while awaiting the Hueys return from Outreach. As a result, the Inner Sphere members propose a free for all simulated Mech battle including dozens of Mechwarriors.


choose 24 mechwarriors and have a free for all.

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