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1. Garden of Eden...BATTLETECH

dana douglas and jasmine geutie attempt to aid grant blanchon, who appears in good health. however things soon turn sour when the true situation is revealed. grant's illegitimate son, peter eden, aids the two as blakists attempt to ambush the group.


dana douglas and jasmine geutie drop near the castle of grant blanchon. they face 3 or 4 blakist mechs, but are aided by peter eden in a daimyo.

2. Balancing Act...BATTLETECH

holden trumphay, duo maxwell, and savalas of the nova cats fight for the inner sphere's rights in the strikers team. they are determined to prove to the more hardline steel vipers and nova cats that they deserve equal recognition, despite the clan half's dominant leadership since the 3068 attacks crippled the team.


a series of duels take place between clan mechwarriors and their inner sphere counterparts.

3. The Chemical Brothers...BATTLETECH

sasha breen and rally find themselves caught in a trap by the chemical brothers mercenaries.


the two clan warriors face off against the warhammer and rifleman of the brothers.

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