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12 women, 4 men
Scout Lance
-Jenner pilot- woman -died
-Firestarter pilot - woman
-Jack Kirby - Javelin pilot
-Michelle Wright - Hatchetman pilot

--- Command Lance
-Llana Huxley - Vulcan pilot- died
-head analyst - Kintaro pilot - woman - died
-Wyvern pilot - woman - died
-Quickdraw pilot - woman- died

--- Assault Lance
-Mauler pilot - woman
-Rex Harris - Flashman pilot
-John Cadbury - Caesar pilot - used to be Yauri Swift
-Cataphract pilot - woman - died

--- 2nd Scout Lance
-Vulcan pilot - woman
-Enforcer pilot - woman
-Clint pilot - woman
-Tom Wilkins - strange accent guy - Commando pilot

--- 3069
- Jasmine and Dana to Wasat
- Duo Trial of Position
- Garden of Eden attempt, fails, forced out but agent Bob Guy in

- Reorganization of team
- Return to Arbiter
- Hiring of Chemical Brothers

- Strike on Altomere continent of Miranda at Nova Cats request

- Trouble in Garden of Eden
---> leads to capture of Jasmine/Dana --->Massive Assault in 3073 with Arbiter
---> leads to success of Jasmine/Dana --->Continue on, or Run from pursuers

- Assault on Wasat with Arbiter
- Crusaders reinforce Strikers, result is 2 surgical strikes on 2 Wasat drop ports OR
- On the run through the Combine territory, striking along the way at worthy targets of opportunity or to secure resources, eventually towards Periphery

3070 Strider's Strikers Team

Striker Company

  • Strider's Lance
  • Harlow's Lance
  • Jones' Lance
  • Yoshi Karamoto
  • Mizuho Yamada
  • Kurtis Carrico
  • Rocky Potts
  • Duo Maxwell
  • Ryan Allen
  • Dana Douglas
  • Sameer Carter
  • Sasha Breen
  • Lamont Sanford
  • Andre Beck
  • Vernon Kemstry

Hueys Company

  • Higgins' Lance
  • Ace's Lance
  • Ellie's Lance
  • Von Sturmer
  • Kenneth Winston
  • Yauri Swift
  • Hayato Rihaku
  • Merrick Leghorn
  • Megan T
  • Jasmine Geutie
  • Holden Trumphay
  • Suzy Evans
  • Shade Stipes
  • Decker Tressle
  • Nana Bateman

Clan Trinary

  • Steel Viper Star
  • Nova Cat Star
  • Carns' Star
  • Rally
  • Aisling
  • Asante
  • Simon
  • Borg
  • Cecil
  • Rydia
  • Jackson
  • Hamner
  • Donovan
  • Stenson
  • Cavanah
  • Savalas
  • Edge
  • Owen Hardcastle

Notable Personnel

  • Drivers and Pilots
  • Guidance and Support
  • Technical Staff
  • Ryan Harrison
  • Lucky Day
  • Sergei Dive
  • Ace Leghorn
  • Nagisa Silvers
  • Cliff Huxtable

Verhelm StevensDren StonorStahlah Tric-TahnSimon WilliamsSheila BurdenMann SchanceEolus TracerJennifer PilonnKurt GeilestReaver HurtHeathen StrongGummel JargonColleen HeathersAnders WorthingtonSamuel CarmikeRan MiltBarner VilStaffKurstan SchmuenderDavid KilGraffyAngela LandsburyEbeneezer PainluerZachariah SavedbellNuer RiverTaren AllasGeary HollerichJeri RyansAva CucumberColly YamahGruting KardNeva BenbetterFord MercuryPapa SmearsCuddles IgnonJori ToriBartholamuel SalinskyLarry CarreyTim CarreyTrek KinsingtonAnhony StarkRadden NordRiid PillgrumShunt ObersonTom McGrawZahn FrenzeedRoy ScheiderRob SchneiderRick ScytheCliff ScattersJack GeelongKarma PuliceGirty AussieTiny DuganSonny MerriweatherTrag SladeDudley BoreSarah SmytheFoxy MulderDaniel ScullyBeetle BaileyBeatle CashewTalon SehranCourtney NavalXavier GofureHune SregherJacob SmallsGerold BavisTamen StinkeyJarvis LorySmade WitherspoonMarlin LongfroggyBath HouseJim the shower CurtainRyan ArranAndrew AllaineTixle McElmoyHaden HavenMartha GurdenhummerCarson DalyLarge HeadRoy HogersCalma Smokes

The Story of BattleTech...

BattleTech is an ongoing science fiction story. Here is a quick summary to bring you up to speed if you are unfamiliar with BattleTech.

In the year 2571, mankind united to form an interstellar government. This was called the Star League. The Star League included the 5 major political parties of the Inner Sphere or central universe; including The Lyran Commonwealth (controlled by House Steiner), The Capellan Confederation (controlled by House Liao), The Federated Commonwealth (controlled by House Davion), The Free Worlds League (controlled by House Marik), and The Draconis Combine (controlled by House Kurita). Leading these political parties as the First Lord was the Cameron family. A vision of Ian Cameron, the Star League was the dream of bringing all of humanity towards a common goal. Though most found the Star League an acceptable governing system, those planets of the outer rim of the universe, the Periphery planets, deemed the Star League's reincarnated noble system as unacceptable. They refused to accept the Star League system of rank, as well as its rulers. The Star League did not accept these smaller Periphery political sectors as separate entities, and so they began to fight and conquer these nations. Weapons of this war included the newly invented BattleMech or Mech. These BattleMechs were walking, piloted tanks, carrying advanced weapons and incredible armor. This war lasted nearly 200 years, with neither side really gaining on the other. The BattleMech war finally ended and nearly 10 years of peace followed. The throne then belonged to Richard Cameron, a young man struggling to mature into his position of First Lord of the Star League. Richard developed a close friendship with one of his subjects, Stefan Amaris - the ruler of the Outer Rim Alliance. Stefan revealed his true intentions in 2766, after manipulating the young First Lord and setting the stage for his own act. Amaris and his followers began attacks on over 100 of the Star League ruling planets, while at the same time slaughtering the First Lord and taking the position himself. Stefan's master plan was successful and the largest portion of the Star Leagues Armed Forces lay in defeat after suffering traps and terrorist attacks. The Armed Forces General, Aleksandr Kerensky, gathered his remaining troops and began his retake of Terra. After defeating Stefan Amaris, the coming political battle amongst the House leaders was apparent. Kerensky gathered what troops would follow him and left known space. As the Inner Sphere Houses began to battle for the First Lord throne, all peace between the five Houses was lost. New war broke out...
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