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The Real Strider's Strikers

The Strider's Strikers group has included a variety of BattleTech players from several countries. Though we started in the United States by playing the BattleTech Collectible Card Game, we explored the board game version of BattleTech less than a year later. After creating some characters for a short campaign that was only really planned out to the first game, we played our first game one night with a group of 6 friends. Following that I started to enjoy writing my character's background story. My love of writing was the main driving force to keep creating new and expanding storyline. A lot of ideas from within our group made the story come together despite all the different kinds of characters. After moving to Australia for a study abroad in Victoria, I found new players to start a game campaign set in 3028. This was the formation of Acer's Hueys. Following my graduation from university, I moved to Japan and again found new friends who were interested in playing. This was our Crusaders storyline. The following is a look at our players, many whom haven't played in years but nonetheless contributed important ideas that I have tried to incorporate into the story in a realistic way. Our players have played in three different countries and include friends from five countries.

Campaign Players by Country Played

  • Japan 2003-2011
  • Australia 2002
  • United States 1999-2011

BattleTech Players by Country of Origin

  • Australia
  • Britain
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • United States

These are some shots of our BattleTech games. Most shots are not organized real well so please excuse the "variety" featured. This gallery will be updated every once in awhile to include some shots from our current games too.

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