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Players...Old and new, these are the faces of the Strider's Strikers players group.

Kurstan has been with this game longer than any of us. He picked up the original BattleTech CCG stuff and introduced it to the rest of us. He later got the tabletop game and planned our first campaign with the help of Chris. Kurstan is a mechanical engineer who helps in designing jets. He mainly helps out now by helping to draft new core storyline concepts.

Pic Inspiration!

Lives in: Texas, United States of America
Prefers: Clans (why? Clan technology and Mechs)
Main Interests: Video Games, Football, Modern Technology, Sci Fi and Fantasy Literature
Other Sci Fi Interests: Star Trek (All Series), Star Wars, Star Gate SG1, Babylon 5, Tales from a Parallel Universe (Lexx)
Movies: Thunder Run, The Philadelphia Experiment
Primary Characters: Star Colonel Devon Carns (original character), Mechwarrior Cecil, Dr. Byron Jones

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