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Lance Commander Holden Trumphay has a vast background as a commander. Though his secret former life as the White Thief is only known to a few members of the team, Holden has been able to make use of that experience to much benefit. He not only led the HeadQuarters Skeleton Crew through its worst crisis, but he also managed to secure the help of several new Mechwarriors and The Crusaders mercenaries.
Holden is famous among the Strikers group for being a quiet loner. He has shown other sides of his character, but usually only in the heat of battle when danger gets its grip on him. He reacts in the situations not with fear or cowardice, but instead with a kind of swash-buckling bravado that instills determination in all others around him. It becomes easy to see how charismatic he can be during these rare instances, when humor, optimism, and bravery are blurred to the point that his fellow Mechwarriors cannot tell the difference between them.
Holden is not like many commanders who try to minimize danger by taking fewer chances. Instead he often pushes his Mechwarriors to new limits, testing both their confidence in him and in themselves. Holden doesn't shy away from giving these orders either, nor does he take his position too lightly. His optimism again shows itself though this time it comes out as a result of his actual decisions, not his behavior.
Those who know Holden's true history might question his loyalty to Strider's Strikers, especially given that he was rather forced to join the team when they rescued him from a most certain death sentence. While it is fair to consider this background, there is no evidence that Holden has any desire to leave his current unit or form his own group again. He has been trusted with a Lance Commander position and seems to be making the most of it.
Holden is a great judge of character and has used this over and over to his benefit. This is especially true when he is forced to gauge his opponents' abilities and weaknesses. The best example of his well-adapted skill was in how he delayed the Word of Blake's attack on Strider's Strikers Miranda base complex. He successfully bargained with the Blakist commander, leading the latter to believe there was much to be lost if the Blakists did indeed overrun the base. Indeed Holden's whole dialogue was a bluff. He had never held the Warship coordinates that he claimed he possessed, nor did he have any ability to truly fend off the Blakists at their first arrival on Miranda. However his delaying tactic pushed the enemy commander to be overly cautious and allowed the necessary time for reinforcements to be secured and a proper defense mounted.

Strider's Strikers, Inner Sphere
Lance Commander Holden Trumphay

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