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History of Acer's Hueys

Early Years

The Acer's Hueys mercenary unit was created in 3022. The team formed shortly after Ace Leghorn Esquire quit his job in the Explorers Corps in 3020. Ace worked for two years as a private mercenary for hire, saving money to fund the unit with his own income. In 3022 the Acer's Hueys were formed. Ace had teamed with Vender Stepps, Piter Vichkle, and Dr. Suzy Evans to create a moderately-armed Heavy lance. The four agreed on a "high risk" concept, which limited the unit's contract options to specialized high pay raids and rescue missions.

In 3026, the small lance faced incredible odds under a private contract in the Periphery near Liao space. Failing to complete their mission objective, the rescue of a political prisoner from a military base, the Hueys pilots realized that their next contract would probably prove fatally dangerous. The team decided to expand after facing very limited contract options.

Adding On

The expansion project called for at least one additional lance. This would greatly improve the team's capabilities and provide for better contract possibilities. The new team members were picked primarily for their character, not fighting abilities. Ace and the others believed it was necessary to keep the unit's integrity and strong sense of family. The new recruits included Shane Belmont, Master Harold Higgins, Jasmine Geutie, and teenage prodigy Megan T. Months into their next contract in 3028 the Hueys were pitted against Houses Davion and Steiner in a partnership with the Capellan Confederation.

The Fourth Succession War had begun, and the Confederation faced an overwhelming enemy force under the clever rule of Hanse Davion. Needing additional units along their borders, House Liao called on all available mercenaries to join in the battle to protect the Confederation. The Hueys answered the call under the employment of the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces. However after a few brief battles with both the Davion military and mercenary forces, the Hueys were ordered to kill civilians. Ace Leghorn refused to do so. The unit's members who were present were arrested, with word going out for a search for the missing members. After being imprisoned by their employers, the command lance was soon rescued by the assault lance. During the following battle, pilots Piter Vichkle and Shane Belmont were killed battling newly-upgraded Charger Mechs.

Regrouping, the Hueys hired on new pilots and went to work for private employers who were looking to protect their assets from the Davion invaders. The Hueys again expanded, finally forming a company by hiring a full new lance. In this new form, they could enjoy almost limitless contract options as well as a stabler operating platform to work from. After fighting alongside another unit, Llana's Breakers, the Hueys called on the other team to form a partnership. Working in conjunction, the units could freely work as either separate groups or a large team, whichever was financially desirable. This partnership blossomed and lasted for years through mutual trust.

Conspiracy Victims

In 3039, the Hueys and Breakers began a contract for House Kurita. Their assignment was to attack and take over a small planet in the Labrea system that had been taken over by well-organized pirates. Unfortunately, Kuritan officials failed to reveal all information about the pirates, whom actually outnumbered the Breakers and Hueys combined unit by 3 to 1 odds. House Kurita, trying to take back a lostech Warship factory and the single Arbiter Warship it had produced, wanted expendable soldiers for hire whose termination would protect the secret of the Warship. By hiring small bands of expendable mercenaries, the House could weaken the pirates without revealing any information on the lostech find.

After arriving in system and setting up a small base, the Hueys and Breakers received information about their enemy's location and the Lostech Warship via a leak by Kuritan officials. Deciding to initiate the fight with the pirates, the Breakers team readied a Dropship and landed their unit near the given coordinates. Soon the Llana's Breakers unit was outnumbered and destroyed down to their last pilot. The Hueys, whom had received distress signals when the initial battle started, deployed their assault lance as soon as possible. Unfortunately the battle had already ended hours ago and the lance ended up searching for survivors instead of aiding in actual combat. During this search the assault lance was ambushed and forced to retreat to their Dropship. They left a coded memory core on-planet, which they had created with the Breakers team earlier. In this informational treasure chest, they unintentionally left diary information about their future plans and what information they had gathered from locals about the rumored lostech ship operation.

Into Exile

The realization of House Kurita's plans hit Commander Ace Leghorn when he became aware of his sister-unit's destruction. To safely protect the lostech ship information, the team trusted the secret to a retiring member of the Huey's unit, who would stay on the small planet and hide the lostech ship's coordinate data within a library memory core. Breaching contract, the rest of the Hueys immediately left system and retreated across the Successor States into the Periphery bordering the Capellan Confederation. They remained there under the paranoid command of Ace Leghorn for many years, later moving closer to their home nation, the Capellan Confederation. During their years of isolation, the Hueys learned they had lost their mercenary license. Ace Leghorn believed their case could be argued, but also felt that a trip to Outreach was too dangerous. His personal relationship with Llana Huxley caused him considerable pain when she was killed. He suffered a mental breakdown and was only able to recover with the help of his close friends. Ace Leghorn developed a relationship with Suzy Evans. She eventually gave birth to their child, a boy destined to inherit the unit from his father and mother.

The team found most of its equipment and work through Leghorn's connections in the Explorer Corps network. This unique setup helped Acer's Hueys to form a protective information web around themselves, hiding them from spies, standard security checks, and audits. Though this system worked for years and became the unit's basic means of survival, it was not without faults. In 3053 Ellie Tressle disappeared after trading with Explorer Corps contacts. Shortly afterwards, Leghorn suffered another mental breakdown. This brought further isolation from the rest of the Inner Sphere.

Back to their Future

Strider's Strikers discovered the Hueys' memory core and cracked its code in 3064. Deciding to send a one lance search unit to find the Hueys, the group arrived in the Brisbane system after months of searching the Periphery. In 3065 Strider's Strikers met with the Hueys. The Strikers commander offered a team partnership in exchange for information about the lostech ship's location. The Acer's Hueys commander agreed shortly thereafter and partnered with Strider's Strikers.

After the combined group returned to the Labrea system, they engaged the Word of Blake in a guerrilla campaign to take back the Strikers' base. After many months of combat, the Word of Blake group was defeated and the Hueys were officially welcomed and thanked. They worked with the Crusaders and Strider's Strikers in formal joint training exercises.

Finally returning to the library in which the ship's coordinates were located, the Hueys cooperated with the Strikers to regain the classified information. Providing the Strikers with the data, the Hueys fulfilled their portion of their partnership. In the months afterwards, the Warship was discovered and the Strikers captured it with help from the Hueys. After doing their part, the Hueys requested assistance in clearing their names on Outreach. The Strikers agreed and provided a liaison officer to assist the group in proving Kuritan government officials guilty. The Outreach Mercenary Review Board returned Acer's Hueys legal operating status and license. The team was required to take a new contract however to prove themselves operational. The contract selected by the board however was another Draconis Combine contract. The team performed admirably but were given a D rating because of complaints filed by their employers, who claimed the Hueys failed to comply with several of the contract conditions.

This history was last updated in 3067.
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