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October 3028, New Hessen

As Davion forces began their initial militaristic movements into the Capellan Confederation, BattleMech forces arrived in nine Capellan worlds. Among these the planet of New Hessen hosted a vicious fight between Capellan units - who were aided by a few mercenaries - and the Davion invaders. Davion units on New Hessen boasted some aid by Wolf's Dragoons, but only in the form of a handful of Dragoon Mechs.
Capellan mercenaries consisted of mostly small name units, teams such as Llana's Breakers, the Hessen 7's, and Fire Pact. All of these smaller teams faced difficult times during the fall of New Hessen. Some such as Fire Pact were left defenseless when they encountered vastly larger enemy groups. Though most of these mercenary units surrendered, Fire Pact fought on even after their commander had been killed. Secondary commander Damon Helm's Guillotine was among the last to fall.
Other mercenaries on New Hessen found safety in Capellan forces. Ace Leghorn's tiny two-lance team, the Acer's Hueys, was stationed near a small base hosting two companies of Capellan Confederation Armed Forces' Mechs. This base has aided the team in repairing their Mechs from the first two engagements the mercenaries have fought. Ace now anticipates the enemy's next move. Though he fears a sudden ambush or attack, his superior Capellan officers have given him orders that now leave his small mercenary unit vulnerable to Davion forces.
Ace must now choose to follow his superior's orders while leaving his team unprotected, or take matters into his own hands and suffer the consequences of military disobedience.

Roll a dice to determine the plot of the storyline...
1A (commander's decision): Obey the Capellan employers, risking the team to a Davion sneak attack.
2A (commander's decision): Disobey the employers, attempt to show the authority of your own command position peacefully in order to compromise with the Capellans.
-From 2A: 1B (on the result of a 1,2) Capellans respect your individual authority, allow you to reposition your units as a safety net to protect the base
-From 2A: 2B (on the result of a 3,4) Capellans court-martial you, your team's assault lance escapes because they are on patrol at the time.
--From 2B: 1C (on the result of a 1,2) Assault lance plots to rescue you from Capellan jail.
--From 2B: 2C (on the result of a 3,4) Assault lance obeys Capellans, successfully negotiates and becomes part of Capellan force. Command lance remains imprisoned.
--From 2B: 3C (on the result of a 5,6) Assault lance abandons you.
-From 2A: 3B (on the result of a 5,6) Capellans reject your attempts to compromise.
--From 3B: 1D (on the result of a 1,2) You are ordered to stand down. ---From 1D: 1E (on the result of a 1,2) You stand down and are court-martialed. Your team is imprisoned.
---From 1D: 2E (on the result of a 3,4) You stand down and are tried. You escape sentence with a warning.
---From 1D: 3E (on the result of a 5,6) You do not stand down. A fight ensues with the available company of Capellan Mechs.
--From 3B: 2D (on the result of a 3,4) You are immediately attacked by Capellan Mechs for possibly being traitors.
---From 2D: 1F (on the result of a 1,2) Two available Capellan lances attack.
---From 2D: 2F (on the result of a 3,4) A company of available Capellan Mechs attack.
---From 2D: 3F (on the result of a 5,6) Four available lances of Capellan Mechs attack.
--From 3B: 3D (on the result of a 5,6) Davion forces attack while the Capellan forces move to attack you. Your assault lance has safely evacuated. You must choose to aid the Capellans against the Davion forces or evacuate.

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