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September 3028, New Hessen

You sit in "Baker's Dozen", a filthy rundown pub in the northeast sector of Salina. The year is 3028. The month, September. A few of your Mechwarriors are seated around you. Vender Stepps, an aging man who has only begun training with BattleMechs, sits to your left. On Vender's left, the hotshot takes a sip of his cheap beer. The team's scout, Jasmine, sits to your right. Despite her complete lack of piloting skills, Jasmine has the urban street smarts to keep the team out of trouble. Even in this relaxed atmosphere, she looks as active as ever. You guess she is probably keeping an eye out for trouble and has already plotted a quick exit route if needed.
The locals tonight are joined not only by your small mercenary team, but by countless Capellan soldiers anticipating the marriage of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner. Tonight's newsvid has played three times over since you've arrived at the pub. Everyone everywhere is curious about the wedding
Even Chancellor Maximillian Liao, Lord of the Capellan government, is anticipating this wedding. For the past two years, Davion and Steiner forces seem to be plotting an attack against the Capellan Confederation and its allies, Houses Marik and Kurita. Increased security along the Capellan and Davion borders has prompted the hiring of your team. Your contract, which has been active for three months now, has tied your team to this Capellan borderworld.
Tonight, as every night here on New Hessen, you and your lancemates are facing criticism from the locals for your mercenary lifestyle. There is just something the people cannot understand about hired Mechwarriors. You'd guess its the "fighting for money" principle that they can't comprehend. Little do they know, you have hand-picked all of your contracts, agreeing only to those you feel morally obliged to sign on with.
But forget them tonight. Drink with your friends, your team, these soldiers for hire that trust you with their lives. These who choose you as their leader. Talk with them. Enjoy yourselves...while you still can.

Three days later, you are riding within your BattleMech, hiding. The Davion/Steiner wedding has concluded. With his marriage vows, Hanse Davion has promised his new bride the planet, the entire realm, that you have promised to protect with your life. Its the very realm of your origin, the only nation you have ever called home
Now you wait. Sitting in the dark, you anxiously prepare for the coming battle as your Mech's sensors probe the darkness for enemies. At the first sign of your foe, you will ready your team for the ambush. You only hope it will be enough to confuse and disorient the enemy. Only time will tell what is to come.

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