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Inner Sphere Mechwarriors Ryan Allen and Holden Trumphay were assaulted by Word of Blake units hiding within the marshlands of central Altomere. Additional heavy damage occurred during the exchange thanks to attacks by local predators, species referred to by locals as 'Dak-Taklak-paks' and 'Terry's Flytraps'. Repeated attacks by several of the carnivorous flytraps resulted in the crippling of the Infighter Mech. Despite the dangers posed by the local wildlife, Ryan and Holden defeated a Blakist Archer and Raijin. Urgent warnings informed the two pilots of an incoming catastrophic gravity storm, prompting a quick evacuation effort. The two pilots were forced to temporarily abandon the prototype Infighter. The existence of such Blakists units on Altomere suggests a hidden Blakist Dropship has survived the heavy fighting on the neighboring Yama continent. - Dana Douglas, Mechwarrior - Inner Sphere Assault Lance...recorded 3066

Unexplained heat signatures as well as unexpected seismic activity have aroused suspicions amongst both the Clan and Inner Sphere members of Strider's Strikers currently training on the continent of Altomere. The local mega-flora and mega-fauna are thought to be at least partially responsible for the phenomenon. Even stranger is the apparent size of some of the heat signatures, which appear to be near light and medium Mech proportions. Clan members of the unit have called for seek and destroy training missions to begin the first round of combat trials. - Ellison, Mechwarrior - Clan Beta Star...recorded 3066

Mock company-sized battles have begun on Miranda's vast marshland continent known as Altomere. All participating units have been briefed on the continent's extreme weather patterns and geographical traits, which range from severe flooding to deadly tides and heavy gravitational shifts caused by the nearby moon of Trilobite. Mechs are making use of live-fire engagements to honor the Clan warriors demand for realistic and serious training programs. - Aisling, Mechwarrior - Clan Zeta Star...recorded 3066

Training exercises have commenced with the apparent defeat of both the Word of Blake and Denouncement forces on Miranda. Pilots and technicians of the Black Dragons have neither been found nor brought to justice, though a local leader of the group has potentially been identified as one Ichirin Endo. Ichirin and his network are thought to be heavily armed and under local yakuza protection. The Black Dragon connection has only so far been theorized, but much evidence points towards Ichirin and his family's vast social and financial empire. - Norbert Owens, Lance Commander - Inner Sphere Pursuit Lance...recorded 3066

Striker pilots are fighting battles near Bueltz against the Vampire Fangs mercenaries and the remnants of the Denouncement. Several civilian slayings by the Word of Blake forces have left locals bitter towards both sides of the conflict. The Fangs team seems to be targeting housing complexes as part of their guerrilla-type campaign, turning the local population against the Strikers' alliance. - Luke-Jean Dracip, Mechwarrior - Inner Sphere Defense Lance...recorded 3066

Strider's Strikers main base of operations on Miranda has been retaken by the massed forces of Strider's Strikers, Acer's Hueys, and the Crusaders mercenary groups. The teams have retaken all but the last barracks building, in which a variety of Blakist and Denouncement pilots have barricaded themselves in with threats of mass suicide should anyone enter the facility through force. The situation will likely require some sort of commando operation for the highest probability of survivors. - Andrew Allen, Mechwarrior - Inner Sphere Scout Lance...recorded 3066

Strider's Strikers have discovered a secret alliance between the Denouncement, the Word of Blake and the Black Dragons. The Black Dragons had secured several Draconis Combine Mechs and equipment for the Blakists use. Though the alliance has apparently failed, the Black Dragon movement paints a disturbing picture for the mercenary unit's future security. - Robert Fitzroy, Mechwarrior - Inner Sphere Blitz Lance...recorded 3065

After the return of the Clan half of the Strider's Strikers, Devon Carns led an attack against the Word of Blake's primary attack force. The Denouncement put up a strong offensive but the Clan group, who had just finished a campaign against House Steiner forces in Davion space, proved more than a match for the attack. The commanding officer of the Denouncement group was killed; he suffocated when his Mech was partially buried in the sands of the Stricken Desert. - Rally, Mechwarrior - Clan Zeta Star...recorded 3065

Massing their forces outside the Strikers base, the Word of Blake began attacking the Strikers headquarters with nearly all of their combined forces. Desperately trying to avoid the assault, the Strikers skeleton crew and Crusaders evacuated the base into a forest of enemy units that were guarding the southern side. Completely destroying the primary force of the Word of Blake's flanking maneuver, the Strikers and Crusaders escaped mostly intact. However 3 APC's were lost in the battle, along with 4 Mechs. Pilots Sarah Smythe and Joseph Newton were both killed when their cockpits were breached by enemy missiles and autocannon fire, respectively. - Fenton Hardy, Mechwarrior - Inner Sphere Trek Lance...recorded 3065

After reinforcing the base, the Crusaders and Strikers skeleton crew made contact with the Strikers/Hueys combined team when the unit jumped in-system. Leading the Strikers and Hueys attack with special knowledge recovered by the Strikers commandos, the Strikers and Hueys dealt a devastating blow to the Word of Blake's repairing units. The Strikers and Hueys quickly withdrew into the mountains, where they await the next Word of Blake move. - Yoshi Karamoto, Mechwarrior - Inner Sphere Trek Lance...recorded 3065

Receiving word from the Crusaders mercenary unit, the skeleton crew of the Strikers' headquarters has agreed to a proposal to recruit the Crusaders into their base defensive efforts. The Crusaders will combat drop outside the base within the next 16 hours, during which the Strikers team will plan a fire support attack for any Word of Blake offenses that might be aimed at the Crusaders team. In order to hide the Striker base's lack of Mechs, the Strikers hope to catch the Blakist forces off-guard and effectively make them over-cautious. - Sarah Smythe, Mechwarrior - Inner Sphere Patrol Lance...recorded 3065

The Baron of Wasat has attempted to contact all Strikers' warriors in an effort to warn them of the Word of Blake's coming attack. While Holden Trumphay and the skeleton crew were well aware of the dangers, only with the Baron's help were Commanders Carns and Strider successfully warned. Time will tell what danger the Denouncement threat poses. For now, the skeleton crew is doing all it can to prepare. - Elec O'Mally, Tank Commander - Water Tank Lance...recorded 3065

Enemy units approaching the Strikers base have been identified as members of the Word of Blake splinter group known as the Denouncement. Though no official communications have been made on the invader's part, Commander Trumphay has attempted to ask the unit of their intentions or demands. The Strikers elite commando platoon is preparing several possible plans to evacuate personnel if needed in the near future. In the meantime, the skeleton crew anxiously awaits the return of any of the 3 Strikers subdivisions that are currently en-route to the Miranda base. - Fritz Dravnerr, Mechwarrior - Inner Sphere Trek Lance...recorded 3065

After months of repetitious training and a relatively quiet posting, the skeleton crew of the Strikers' headquarters received chilling details on a new security report. Two separate teams of unidentified jumpships have arrived at a pirate point in the Labrea system. The ships are on a direct heading towards Miranda, the planet on which the Strikers' base is located. Attempts to make contact with the force have been unsuccessful, but it seems apparent that the units have ill-intentions. The units are suspected to be of Clan origin. Temporary commander Holden Trumphay is preparing the Strikers base for an all out defensive effort, while a last minute attempt has been made to hire on new Mechwarriors and gain access to several additional assault Mechs. - Holden Trumphay, Lance Commander - Inner Sphere Trek Lance...recorded 3065

The Strikers command and scout lances have successfully met with the Acer's Hueys. Though the initial meeting was a violent display of the Hueys' veteran firepower, a quick surrender by the Strikers' command lance ended any further fighting. An agreement was reached between the two teams, and the Hueys will temporarily be hired and entirely financed by the Strikers until the Huey license's ban can be revoked and the veteran team is declared innocent of previously accused negligence. In return for this aid, the Hueys will help the Strikers by sharing the location of a lostech Warship that the Strikers hope to obtain. After several meetings and a couple training exercises, the 2 Striker lances and the Acer's Hueys have begun their long journey to the Labrea system to rendezvous with the other divisions of the Strider's Strikers team. - Mike Strider, Colonel - Inner Sphere Command Lance...recorded 3065

The Clan half of the Strikers have accepted a new contract with the Federated Alliance, ensuring continued support of the Davion goal to topple Katrina Steiner. Clan members of the team have easily defeated most of their foes with no problem thanks to Nova Cat/Steel Viper cooperation. Numerous salvage operations have successfully recovered the latest in Lyran BattleMech technology, including the 95-ton Hauptmann Assault class Mech. - Stenson, Star Captain - Clan Beta Star...recorded 3064

The command and stinger lances continue to search for evidence of the Acer's Hueys in the Taurian Concordat. So far, there is no evidence of the team or its existence. Advances will likely be made if any trace or rumours are discovered. Only time will tell if this journey will bear any fruit. - Otis Henson, Mechwarrior - Inner Sphere Stinger Lance...recorded 3064

Striker Co-Commander Mike C. Strider has devised a plan to seek out the Acer's Hueys unit in the hopes of recovering valuable information regarding a lostech Warship. During his absence, the Co-Commander has elected Holden Trumphay for the commanding position at the Strikers Miranda base. Strider will lead his command and stinger lances on an interplanetary search throughout the Taurian Concordat and other areas of the Periphery in a hunt for the Hueys' present location. The lance will begin their journey after next week's emergency exercise drill, which will test the remaining Striker forces ability to deal with any near-future enemy attacks. - Mandrake, Tank Gunner - Inner Sphere Ground Assault Squad...recorded 3063

Duo Maxwell has been selected to lead a new Strikers subdivision team on a new contract in the Lyran Commonwealth. Hired by a private interest group, the Strikers under Maxwell's leadership will engage Lyran forces along the Lyran/Jade Falcon border. Though attacks by the technologically superior Falcons are possible, the Strikers are not likely to face any Clan forces. Maxwell will command the majority of the Inner Sphere Strikers; he'll lead those whom are left after the Clan half departed for a Federated Alliance contract. The only Striker units to remain on Miranda will consist of the Command and Stinger lances, all tank units, and any remaining backup lances who have yet to be deployed elsewhere. The Command lance has formed a think-tank unit in the hopes of discovering the Acer's Hueys mercenary unit. - Mace Volt, Mechwarrior - Inner Sphere Command Lance...recorded 3063

While decoding the Acer's Hueys memory core, Manon von Gerkan has discovered that Acer's Hueys did indeed survive the Fourth Succession War. They appear to have worked in conjunction with the tri-company sized unit Llana's Breakers. Llana's Breakers and the Hueys evidently took a contract together within the Labrea system in 3038. After breaking their contract, Acer's Hueys were relieved of mercenary licenses by Wolf's Dragoons officials on Outreach in 3039. The Hueys immediately left the Labrea system, abandoning their base and moving to the Taurian Concordat. Members of Strider's Strikers Intelligence Corps have worked with Striker security officers Mural Rye-Del and Ransway Burke to discover that Acer's Hueys continue to work in the Taurian Concordat, where they have been known to take contracts without valid Outreach licenses. Strikers are planning to contact the Hueys within the next several months, but have yet to devise a method of doing so given the Huey's secretive nature. - Rosa, Mechwarrior - Clan Alpha Star...recorded 3063

After a training run in the Labrea system of Nova Cat space, Striker tank crews stumbled upon an abandoned military outpost. The team has discovered a small memory core with information concerning an extinct mercenary unit, the Acer's Hueys. Striker data analysts have been able to code-crack the data core, and have started to search the system for any signs of valuable information. So far, the Strikers have been unable to access most of the system's records. Data specialist Manon von Gerkan has begun work on the project. Though a slow process, all information will eventually be available to the Strider's Strikers. The Strikers have established an outpost to protect the remains of the Hueys base. - Shade Stipes, Tank Gunner - Heart Tank Squad...recorded 3063

The Strider's Strikers have been hired by Federated Alliance forces for the use of their technologically advanced BattleMech forces. The team has separated, leaving Co-Commander Strider in Nova Cat space as Co-Commander Star Colonel Carns brings reinforcements to the Davion loyalists aid. Star Colonel Devon Carns will work with the loyalists under contract for one year, in which he will have the opportunity to renew the contract if desired. Meanwhile the rest of the Strikers will engage in a dueling tournament, conducted by strict rules to determine which pilot among the team is the luckiest, and best, all-around pilot. Available Clan warriors will participate if and when possible. - Cecil, Star Captain - Clan Alpha Star...recorded 3063

The return of Norbert "Set your hair on fire!" Owens has the Strikers team clapping. The supposedly dead veteran was one of the original lance of Strikers. This only makes his return that much more amazing. After his welcome back party, Owens celebrated by challenging the Clan scout star, whom had been furious about their new drop in rank, to a combat run. Bidding low, the Nova Cat rookies faced Owen's Assassin, Fox's Nexus, Phagen's Wasp, the new Yeoman, and an SRM Carrier. Victorious over the five Clan Mechs despite being seriously out-ranged by 4 ER PPCs and 1 Gauss Rifle, Owens and his new lancemates have shown that skills can surpass technology. The Clan scout star has accepted defeat gracious and honorably, and will see what they can learn from this Inner Sphere "old dog". - Ryan Allen, Mechwarrior - Inner Sphere Command Lance...recorded 3062

The Strider's Strikers have recently accepted an addition of 2 stars from Clan Steel Viper's Warden cause. After a successfully negotiation by Steel Viper Wardens and Nova Cat officials, the Strikers welcome stars Beta and Zeta from the Steel Viper galaxy. Star Commanders Claudia and Stenson are already proving to be of great worth to the team. Star Commander Claudia has taken over Star Captain Breen's 65 ton Cauldron-Born, while Breen has selected a customized Battle Cobra. Star Commander Stenson brings 3 Steel Viper warriors and their assault 'Mechs, and has also been joined by Mechwarrior Savalas of Clan Nova Cat. Mechwarrior Savalas pilots the symbolic Nova Cat BattleMech as a sign of peace between Strider's Strikers, Clan Nova Cat, and Clan Steel Viper. Steel Viper Wardens hope to gain an intricate knowledge of Inner Sphere warfare and customs, while creating peace with Clan Nova Cat and the Striker mercenaries. - Marc Lucas, Mechwarrior - Inner Sphere Scout Lance...recorded 3062

The Strikers were attacked after nightfall on Miranda, at a militia fort just outside of Georgetown. The defending Mechs included a Charger piloted by Duo Maxwell, a Battle Cobra piloted by Sasha Breen, a Black Watch piloted by Ted Conrad, a Catapult piloted by Dr. Byron Jones, and a Hercules piloted by unknown. Though the attackers included only Industrial Mechs and AgroMechs, the battle raged on blindly for nearly an hour. The local uprising against Clan Nova Cat was finally silenced when the last Woodcutter AgroMech fell to Duo Maxwell. Casualties include 14 of the 22 rebel pilots, 2 Striker BattleMechs, and 3 Striker infantry perimeter guards. Striker BattleMechs suffered sabotaged sensory systems, while the Hercules BattleMech's weaponry had been savaged as well. The local revolt on Miranda appears to be coming to a climax, but the Strikers have firmly handled anything the militia can dish out so far. - Dr. Byron Jones, Mechwarrior - Inner Sphere Guardian Lance...recorded 3062

The Strider's Strikers are currently located in Nova Cat space. While garrisoning the planet Miranda, the Strikers were attacked by Clan Wolf forces. Spreading their forces to the breaking point, the Strikers lost several battles to the Wolves. Though many of the team were captured, Strikers commandos under the direction of a retired DEST commando were able to break into the established Wolf prisons. The commandos have successfully completed their first mission with minimal losses, and were aided by Purifier and Achileus Battle Armor squads. Among the injured was flamethrower Beetle Cashew. Among the rescued were the solahama star under the command of Solahama Mechwarrior Fox, ground assault drivers under the command of Avalon Hodge, and a number of Striker armor crews (too numerous to mention). The team's Mobile Long Tom Cannon was safely hidden within the small city of Georgetown. - Alexus Capone, Mechwarrior - Inner Sphere Hammer Lance...recorded 3062

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