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Temporary Commander Mace Volt's Remarks

Okay boys, here's the situation. After Tuesday's operation, we have lost contact with the Commander, Ryan Allen, Devon Carns, Mason Garr, and head tech Rocky Potts. Due to our shortage in available members, I've taken the liberty of recruiting our own mercenaries. Our hired man is Jim Davis, a retired artillery man from the Federated Commonwealth. Jim will be using our upgraded Mackie with a few artillery pieces installed into its arms. Jim is relatively new to Mech's, but he has piloted several before and currently has 3 kills.

Our other friend is a volunteer whom has fought alongside the Knights of the Inner Sphere. Once a knight himself, Sir Owen Hardcastle witnessed Avalon and I in combat at Dagen's Lair on Tuesday. Sir Owen is interested in joining our team, and he is currently lending his elite skills as well as his Albatross in our search for our missing teammates.

The plan for tonight is simple. We have heard rumors of a new mercenary team, a team that works exclusively for Word of Blake. I believe they have our missing friends, and we must succeed in finding them. According to information gathered by Xandar at The Lightfoot, this new mercenary team has a base just 12 klicks west of Shatterfist. Xandar has also learned that the majority of our enemies will be training at 1900 hours, in a location 50 klicks north of their base. We will attack the base in heavy numbers, and hope to retrieve our missing. We've got very little to go on, so don't destroy any buildings. If we can defeat any enemy guards, we should gain access to anything at the base. Obviously, time is of the essence. We break in, find what we need, and get the hell outta there. We have no idea what kind of reinforcements we might face otherwise.

We'll be attacking during nightfall. Hopefully the weather stays satisfactory or things could get sticky fast. Everyone has new ammunition for the battle tonight, but since we are missing our primary techs there have been few repairs on equipment. I think that covers about everything. See you all later this afternoon in the Mech shed.

Mace Volt - Alternate Commander

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