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Situation Analysis

Time: Fall 3059 - 2 weeks after Communications Relay Station Takeover by enemy mercenary unit "Vampire's Fangs"

Status: Mechs Refitted and Repaired

Mission: Patrol 5 kilometer radius east of Communications Relay Station.

Units: Star Captain Devon Carns in Direwolf, Commander Mike Strider in Mauler

Situation: Hostile Word of Blake units are closing the gap between the Comm Relay and the enemy dropsite. Enemy units expected to arrive within 48 hours. Vampire's Fangs have been captured except for 2 missing members of their unit.

Terrain: Rough with craters due to daily bombardment by meteor showers.

Setting: Night, every 2 turns switch from +1 night modifier to fire to -1 meteor shower modifier to fire. Enemy wins initiative when they ambush.

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