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Strider's Strikers Expansion Program and Status

The Strider's Strikers mercenaries have recently gained many warriors to their cause. Accepting two stars of Clan warriors, Commander Strider has also requested a star of solahma warriors join the team. The solahmas, mostely veterans robbed of their chance to die gloriously in combat, have graciously accepted the chance to take Mechs into the battlefield again. Nova Cat officers have decided the solahma warriors may work with the Strikers, but cannot be given valuable OmniMech equipment that is needed by the Clan's regular Mechwarriors. Star Commander Devon Carns and Commander Mike Strider are currently considering several new Mechs for the team's newest recruits.
Along with many Clan upgrades, the Strikers have also hired numerous pilots for 3 additional lances. It is rumored that the team is also beefing up their infantry by employing retired DEST commando Beetle Cashew as a commando unit leader. Improvements in technological support teams are obvious. Head technician Rocky Potts has selected various new technicians to improve R and R efficiency. Among the new employees are Master Armorer Jim Delude, EM field specialist Petey Hawkins, and combat engineer Richard Belding. Working with the current staff of Battle Armor specialists are Gaylord Shadows, Haplo Hugh, and Wayak. The three are a conspiracy expert, retired arcade owner, and a Dani warrior, respectively.

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