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Commander Mike Strider's Remarks

For years, the infamous Bounty Hunter has been plaguing the Strikers' progress. We believe he was hired by Tashakia Fong shortly after our unit rescued Ryan Allen and Rocky Potts from his military prison. The Bounty Hunter's intentions are unclear, but we do know that he wants us to suffer and has made not one but three well-planned strikes against even our strongest bases.

We finally have the opportunity we have been waiting for. The Bounty Hunter has suffered a critical failure in his Marauder Mech and has been alienated from his Word of Blake partners. We have our greatest chance to remove this foe. The Trek lance, our only fully operational lance at this time, is to disable the Bounty Hunter's Marauder. Support infantry including members of Pay's Due platoon and our own commandos are on hand to assist in retrieving the body or person inside.

Fight carefully. The Bounty Hunter is a tactical genius and will use whatever he can against you. Without saying, he is an elite pilot whose skills are legendary in all the Inner Sphere. Keep your wits about you and remove this trash from our Nova Cat allies' doorstep.

Units- Maultier hovercraft with infantry support, Cobra, Yeoman, Sha Yu and Merlin

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