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Situation Overview...

The year is 3065. The Strider’s Strikers have successfully completed several campaigns. Here is a recent summary of the team’s separated divisions and these tasks they have performed...

Devon Carns and the Clan half of the Strikers - Star Colonel Carns and the other Clan members have completed a 18 month contract for House Davion under Victor Steiner- Davion. This contract required the Clan Strikers to attack Katherine Steiner’s forces on four separate worlds. Carns and his units are currently jumping their way to the Strikers’ base in the Labrea system of the Irece Prefecture in Kurita space.

Duo Maxwell and 5 lances of the Inner Sphere Strikers - Temporary Commander Maxwell has completed a 9 month contract for a covert House Davion supporter. Maxwell’s unit was recently entangled with Clan Jade Falcon, whom had carried out another attempt to take over a large portion of Steiner space. Maxwell is currently jumping back to the Striker base in the Labrea system.

Mike Strider and 2 lances of the Inner Sphere Strikers - Commander Mike Strider, his command lance and a small scout lance have found the Acer’s Hueys mercenary unit. The rogue merc team had been in hiding for years due to a breach of contract. The Hueys have been contacted because it is believed they know the location of a Star League Warship that is rumored hidden in the Labrea system. After months of training with the Strikers team, the Acer’s Hueys have signed a joint contract in which they will work with the Strider’s Strikers. Mike Strider, the 2 Striker lances, and the Acer’s Hueys company are now returning to the Labrea system.

Holden Trumphay and the remaining Strikers - After being granted his first temporary command, Holden Trumphay spent the past 16 months guarding the Strikers’ home base in the Irece Prefecture. Holden is in command of 2 tank companies and a few small Mech lances.

An emergency vid transmission from the Baron of Wasat has alerted the Strikers of an incoming Word of Blake task force. The force is plotting an invasion of the Labrea base, hoping to capture the information regarding the lostech Warship. The various Strikers teams are now racing home to prepare the defenses necessary to survive this attack and protect the information they have only recently obtained.

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