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Situation Overview...

3065: The Crusader Arrival


After completing a contract in the Free Worlds League, the company-sized Crusaders mercenary unit made their way to Nova Cat space via a hired commercial Jumpship. The group had been promised work in the Labrea system by Sir Owen Hardcastle, a dishonored Knight of the Inner Sphere with whom the Crusaders had once worked with.
Reaching Labrea space, the Crusader immediately received a distress signal from the Strikers Headquarters facility on Miranda. They quickly made the Strikers a more permanent contract offer than they had originally planned, a subcontracting deal in exchange for their much needed help to defend the main Striker base. The base had come under attack by Word of Blake forces. Unfortunately for the Strikers and Crusaders, the Blakists had already fortified a strong offensive position around the Strikers HQ. This now makes a direct landing of Crusader forces into the STriker base impossible, due to Word of Blake air and ground superiority.
The Crusaders' first mission is to combat drop onto Miranda, well within range of Blakist attackers but far enough from the Strikers base to avoid being shot out of the air. The Crusaders must break through the rear of the Blakist forces and enter the Striker's base while under fire. Once inside they will have access to repairs. The objective is to effectively double the Strikers' base defensive force, while hiding the Strikers weakness to the enemy units. This weakness could best be disguised by the Strikers mounting a well-coordinated counterattack to any Word of Blake offenses aimed at the Crusaders team.

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