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Situation Analysis

Time: Summer 3066 - Hunting Vampire's Fangs in the city of Bueltz

Status: Clan Battle Armor isolated within building surrounded by Vampire's Fangs Kit Fox and Strider, with Kodiak approaching. Mechwarriors Aisling and Asante en route to fend off the Vampire's Fangs from attacking civilian structures or Clan armor forces.

Mission: Defend the civilian bases and attempt to destroy the Vampire's Fangs Mechs before they can make a strategic withdrawal. Clan Battle Armor may be able to assist if given a chance to do so.

Units: Aisling in Black Python, Asante in Mad Cat A (Enemy Units: Baron Tucks in Kit Fox A, Dipher Sif Zenthien in Strider B, Ular Nichten in Kodiak)

Situation: Clan Battle Armor Point are engaging enemies within one of the heavy structures (roll to determine which of the buildings they are located in). The Vampire's Fangs units can begin damaging buildings at anytime, but likely do not damage the builidng containing the Striker battle armor because their own allies are also inside it. The first turn finds the Kit Fox and Strider on the map. The second turn both Striker Mechs can join from the far side of the map. The third turn brings the entrance of the Kodiak, and likely free-for-all battle conditions if they do not exist already. Vampire's Fangs units retreat from the map after they have taken 50% damage or crippling damage (weapons or equipment), with the exception of Ular Nichten in his Kodiak. Due to his previous unfortunate meteor incident during combat with the Strikers, he has a deep hatred for the group and will not listen to reason when ordered to retreat. Ular only retreats from the battlefield when he rolls a logic dice roll of 9 to 12.

Terrain: Dropship landing site or city map with 6 Heavy buildings (90 structure points each).

Setting: Daylight, regular conditions.

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