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Commander Mike Strider's Remarks

Okay Strikers, here's what we've got. The whole team has been surveying the small town of Shatterfist, as you all already know. After 3 months surveillance, we have decided on 4 local bars in which the Thief may be located. The Lightfoot, a local Word of Blake hangout, tends to have lots of pirate types. The other 3, Dagen's Lair, Swamp Pit, and the Glimmer of Glass, all attract similar types of customers. Each of these bars is a Mechwarrior hangout, so watch yourself for any trouble. The assignments are as follows:

The Lightfoot - Xandar Harlow, Andrew Allen

Dagen's Lair - Mace Volt, Avalon Hodge

Swamp Pit - Marc Lucas, Duo Maxwell

Glimmer of Glass - Rocky Potts and Ryan Allen, Strider, Carns, Garr

We meet day after tomorrow at 1400 hours. I wish you all the usual Striker luck, so dont' get your head blown off. I hope to see everyone back at the Mech shed on Thursday. If you have any questions regarding weapons or force permitted, just ask me tonight in the lunchroom.


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