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Employer's Remarks-
The White Thief Contract...

You, the Strider's Strikers, have decided to accept our newest contract, the capture of the infamous White Thief. The White Thief is a legendary modern day Robin Hood in this part of the Inner Sphere. He is most famous for his capture of 3 Liao Dropships, using them for his own team of "merry men". The Thief usually traves from planet to planet, joining rebellions and helping the underdog's win their wars. Many Liao and Marik government officials have placed a rather large price on the Thief, marking him as a target for bounty hunters and sometimes even small mercenary teams.
After a near death experience on Fort Louden, the Thief lost his entire team when they were annihilated in an aerospace strike that successfully hit his hidden base. Losing all of his friends and family, the Thief has gone underground and has presumably started rebuilding his team. It is believed he is desperate for work, so he may have taken on any kind or number of jobs to rebuild his financial status. Our latest informant info suggests the Thief may be in Shatterfist, a small World of Blake fort located on the Centralla continent of Wasat. This would place the White Thief within the vicinity of your team's own base. We believe your familiarity with the region will help you to complete this contract within a shorter time.
The above information is all we know, yet we hope it is enough to get you started. You have 6 months to complete this mission and receive full pay of 135 million C Bills. If completed within one year, your team will receive 95 million C Bills. If completed in more than a year, you will be paid 70 million C Bills.
Your team has full salvage rights on this contract's objective. You may salvage anything you encounter that belongs to the White Thief or his "merry men". We wish you luck, and may the spirit of the reformed Star League carry you to victory.
Kurtis Lingher
Kurita-Liao-Marik Alliances
Pirate Control Services

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