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Situation Analysis

Time: Spring 3068

Status: All Mechs fully armed and operational

Mission: Survive the attack for 18 turns or destroy enemy forces completely.

Units: All of The Crusaders' assault and command units;
(Enemy Units: 12 Blakist medium, heavy, and assault Mechs: roll for random Mechs)

Situation: Plotting a carefully laid attack against The Crusaderwith the hopes of killing the team's commander, Blakist death squads lure half the unit into an attempted rescue mission by crash-landing a Leopard Class cargo Dropship. When the scout lance responds to the incident by moving to inspect for survivors, the command lance and assault lance are attacked at their base by 2 Level IIs of Blakist Mechs (12 Mechs). Tactically losing their base of operations after having no other choice, the two lances make a fighting retreat into the nearby swamps of Lehnlore.
Meanwhile another Level I of Mechs attack the scouts near the site of the Dropship crash - an area of short mountains and rough terrain to the southwest of The Crusaders' usual base of operations.

Terrain: Suitable maps, realistic terrain for the area leading into and within the swamps of Lehnlore. Must use at least 2 swamp maps for the 6 maps used in the game.

Setting: Mid-Day, no modifiers to hit or fire.

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