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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Von Sturmer

Lance Commander - Mechwarrior

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  2993
Place of Origin:  Capellan Confederation

Gunnery:  3

Piloting:  3

  • Trebuchet TBT-5N, 50 tons

  • Lance:  Scout Lance

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    Scout Lance Commander

    An experienced combatant, Von Sturmer has been piloting BattleMechs for 12
    years.  Though the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces have seen little
    combat in such time, Von had been a regular patrol guard along the Capellan
    March.  Von has made many surgical strikes against areas in Davion space.  His
    battlefield encounters have gradually enhanced his talents.  Von now ranks as
    an elite pilot, and was the commander of his Capellan scout lance at the time of
    his leave.  Forced to obey orders from an incompetent soldier, he requested
    transfer multiple times, only to be refused.  Increased resentment finally fueled
    Von to confront his problem head-on.  After an embarrassing loss of face in
    front of his lancemates during an argument with his commanding officer, Von
    disbanded from the military.  He returned home and began to weigh the
    consequences of his recent debacle.  Finding himself with limited options, Von
    decided to either join another House's army or fight on as a mercenary.  Always
    loyal to his nation, Von has chosen the Acer's Hueys mercenary unit as his new
    home.  His capable BattleMech abilities and his previous commanding position
    have melded him into what many now see as the perfect leader.  Though quiet
    and relaxed, Von commands authority more often than not.  His Huey
    lancemates often speculate on what experiences he may have survived in the
    past.  They seem to admire him for his mysterious past, previous commanding
    position, and his intimidating physical form.  His naturally large build is also
    subject to his own rigorous training and strict diet.  Von now commands the
    Huey's scout lance.  His earlier warfare provides him with adequate experience
    as a commander, skirmisher, and raider.  Past intelligence tests indicate that he
    is near-genius, possessing high mental capacities and complex thought
    processes.  Von is unlikely to be fooled in battle, as he will probably predict an
    enemy's actions rather than respond incorrectly to them.  One of his favorite
    strategies involves confining his enemy to woodland areas, so that he might
    make use of his Trebuchet's powerful jump jets to outmaneuver his foe.  
    Transmitting his image into an enemy's cockpit console, Von is rumored to have
    ended battles without firing a shot.  Many believe he has scared his foes away
    in these instances.  If rumors are actually true, then he has probably peacefully
    negotiated these "would be" battles.

    This profile was last updated in 3028.
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