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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Yauri Swift


Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3001
Place of Origin:  Capellan Confederation

Gunnery:  1 with Medium Laser Specialist Skill

Piloting:  3

  • Hunchback HBK-SFT, 50 tons

  • Lance:  Hueys' Assault Lance - Steel

    ...Hunchback Photo Link

    Veteran Laser Specialist

    Yauri Swift has changed little since his early days as a pilot for the Acer's
    Hueys.  Though he looks almost exactly the same as he always has, the
    talented pilot of the 50 ton Hunchback BattleMech has gained a lot of
    experience over the years.  He is a much better shot with his medium lasers,
    which has earned him the nickname "Flashfire" in more recent years.  For his
    service and unquestionable dedication to the team, ex-Commander Ace awarded
    him to have special customizations to his Mech.  As a result, Yauri's "Hunchie"
    has even more of the standard medium lasers.  Yauri opted for a targeting
    computer to be installed into the Mech, which gives him an even bigger
    advantage using his medium lasers.  He has long been able to hit with most of
    the weapons, but now he is able to hit in a single location on the Mech.
    Yauri's relationships with his teammates have changed only somewhat.  No
    longer the brat she once was, Yauri now finds Megan T quite attractive.  
    Unfortunately for him, she has lost the infatuation she once had for him.  
    Though the two never show feelings for each other, the other members believe
    that a silent admiration exists between the two pilots.
    Yauri and Hubart Dickens had become good friends over the years.  Their
    friendship strengthened after Hubart's brush with death in 3040.  Yauri was able
    to help his lancemate during the retreat to the team's Dropship.  He
    successfully covered Hubart's retreat with a blistery medium laser barrage that
    was aimed at the pirate infantry pursuers.  The two pilots could often be found
    chatting with each other, sharing a cup of coffee on early mornings before
    going out on patrol missions.
    Hubart's death has hit Yauri particularly hard as a result.  It has not seemed to
    affect his performance in battle however.  Yauri's Mech is still small for an
    assault lance, yet he continues to be an integral part of his lance's strategy.  He
    can quickly disassemble even the largest of enemy Mechs with his incredibly
    accurate laser barrages.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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