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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov



Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Female
Year of Birth:  3041
Place of Origin:  Clan Nova Cat

Gunnery:  1

Piloting:  5

  • Summoner (Thor) C, 70 tons

  • Star:  Strikers' Clan Alpha Star - The Red Wings

    ...Summoner C Photo Link

    Savage Combatant

    Mechwarrior Rydia is known among her star for her fierce defensive
    personality.  She refuses to be put down or discriminated against, even when it
    comes to her superiors criticism.  Though some of Rydia's past friends have
    discovered some mercy in her ways, most of her enemies do not live to warn
    others of her ferocity in combat.
    Those who do know her dare not challenge Rydia to Mech dueling.  Rydia's
    gunnery skill is unrivaled.  Her piloting skills leave much to be desired, but this
    does not usually affect her performance during battle.  She is known for
    finishing an opponent quickly, then moving on to her next foe.  Mechwarrior
    Cecil has yet to have a serious disagreement with Rydia, but many believe he is
    uneasy when approaching her for an opinion.
    Rydia survived the Word of Blake attacks to become one of the top survivors of
    her Clan within the Strikers unit.  Despite her quick to anger attitude and
    occasional fits of unprovoked aggression, she has become for many a voice of
    reason when decisions are made regarding Clan and Inner Sphere differences.  
    Some Clan members of the unit speculate that she is a perfect middle ground
    between Clan and Inner Sphere methods.
    She is rivaled among the Nova Cats only by Mechwarriors Cecil and Savalas.  
    Sasha Breen of the Steel Vipers is another warrior she must acknowledge as at
    least her equal.  Rydia often inadvertently diverts attention away from her own
    Star Commander, Cecil, a man now seemingly cut off from the usual social
    interactions necessary for one of his rank.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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