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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Grant Blanchon

Baron of Wasat

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3006
Place of Origin:  Free Worlds League

Gunnery:  Not Applicable

Piloting:  Not Applicable

Pilots:  Not Applicable

Lance:  Not Applicable

...Not Applicable
...Not Applicable

Baron of Wasat

Grant Blanchon was appointed Baron of Wasat in 3038.  An accomplished
politician and economic strategist, Grant enforced sweeping changes upon his
entry to the office.  His reforms were met with solid approval by the majority of
the population, eventually building a positive pop culture image of him as a
Baron.  In addition to his strengthening of the economy, Grant also introduced
an overhauled tax plan designed to balance the planet's enormous deficit within
his first 10 years of office.  Fortunately for Grant's credibility, the plan worked.
When the Word of Blake first appeared on Wasat in the late 3050s, Grant
initially welcomed the group.  He was one of several in the Free Worlds League
government who pitied the relatively young faction of religious followers.  
Shortly thereafter, Grant reversed his position.  He no longer welcomed the
slow-growing militia that had established itself on his world.  To ensure his
planet's safety, he asked for mercenary aid in monitoring the militia.  He also
hoped to ensure that an additional and significant military ally on-planet would
provide a safety net if things with the Blakists got ugly.
Grant's request was granted with the arrival of the Strider's Strikers mercenary
unit on Wasat.  The team was still small, but had promised it would add at least
another lance by the end of its first year on Wasat.  It didn't take long for the
Blakists to counter Grant's move, stationing their own mercenary unit called the
Vampire's Fangs in the vicinity.  Sure enough, it took only a few months before
the two mercenary units clashed for the first time.
Grant has remained an ally to Strider's Strikers over the years.  He provided
inside information from his personal and governmental spy networks for the
unit, and was always eager to warn his mercenaries of any dangers he'd
discovered.  The team began to trust the Baron, though it was only after years
of contact that they accepted his reports without their own intelligence
double-checking the data for errors, miscalculations, or lies.
Grant has continued to help the Strikers when given any opportunity to do so.  
He was the primary warning for the team when Blakists moved to invade
Miranda.  Grant had been suspecting further military actions by the Word of
Blake for quite some time when his personal intelligence network witnessed a
large re-deployment by the Blakist militias on Wasat.  His warning was
transmitted to Duo Maxwell, Devon Carns, and Mike Strider.  Duo and Devon
were undertaking contracts against Steiner forces in the Fed-Com Civil War,
while Mike was finalizing sub-contracting agreements with the Acer's Hueys unit
in the Periphery.  Without his warning, the team would have been even later in
reinforcing their own forces on their homeworld of Miranda.
Because of his political position and generous help, Grant is a valued ally in
most situations.  His resources are both far-reaching and well-placed, giving
him incredible leverage when he needs it.  Grant is the most trusted political ally
of the Strikers unit.  He almost seems to enjoy aiding the group as a hobby in
his free time.  Because of his data-gathering network, he could easily become a
target for Blakists stationed on Wasat.

This profile was last updated in 3068.
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