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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Llana Huxley

Colonel - Company Commander - Lance Commander - Mechwarrior

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Female
Year of Birth:  2981
Place of Origin:  Capellan Confederation

Gunnery:  4

Piloting:  2

  • Vulcan VL-5T, 40 tons

  • Lance:  Breakers' Command Lance - The Senses

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    Llana's Breakers Commander

    Llana Huxley was a veteran Mechwarrior who made herself a commander when
    she organized a small group of Liao militia soldiers into a reformed BattleMech
    company.  Christening the group after herself, Llana formed the unit mostly
    from citizens of her home planet of New Hessen.
    Most of the Llana's Breakers Mechwarriors had been friends of Llana's father, a
    BattleMech enthusiast who had piloted the massive machines only as a hobby.  
    The mercenary unit was only officially established days before the outbreak of
    the Fourth Succession War.  Alongside other small time mercenary units such
    as Acer's Hueys, Hessen 7s, and the Fire Pact, the Breakers group fought
    desperately to defend their home planet from the overwhelming number of
    Davion forces.
    Llana and her Breakers enjoyed moderate success during their campaign for
    New Hessen.  To most of her close friends surprise, the team suffered few
    major losses and only minor injuries during their missions.  Llana often found
    herself competing with Ace Leghorn, a fellow mercenary unit leader who had his
    sights on the same defensive contracts.  Though she initially despised the quiet
    young colonel, she slowly developed a respect for the man and his odd
    methods.  Llana eventually fought alongside Ace and his team of Hueys.  The
    Acer's Hueys leader had stopped accepting suicidal contracts by that point.  
    Ace's hiring of one of Llana's previous pilots, Yauri Swift, prompted her to
    contact him.
    Though feelings were tense between Yauri and Llana, the two units soon began
    practicing together as a single BattleMech force.  Not quite formidable, they
    nonetheless possessed an incredible cooperative ability rarely displayed
    amongst most mercenary units.  Before long, Llana and Ace developed a
    personal relationship.  It was a fiery passion for both commanders despite
    being short-lived.
    The couple quickly opted to take a contract as a combined team.  More
    opportunities opened up for the groups with their joining.  More contracts soon
    followed.  Ace's smaller group of Hueys were actually subcontracted as part of
    the Breakers' force during most contracts, but held equal rights during
    battlefield command.
    After just seven contracts' worth of work and with the invasion of the Capellan
    Confederation at an end, the paired teams accepted what they thought to be a
    typical raid against pirates in the Draconis Combine.  Llana's unit directed the
    first attack in the operation, landing scouts and reinforcements to establish a
    beachhead on the planet.  Acer's Hueys planned to join the force later, as per
    their contract instructed.
    Llana's Breakers met heavy resistance in multiple ambush attacks, beginning
    with their initial landing force.  The pirate forces pitted against them feigned
    defeat however, which succeeded in luring the rest of the Breakers' main group
    on-planet.  Llana and the entire rest of her unit were smashed in a powerful
    attack that even crippled their Dropship.  She was killed in the opening attacks,
    a fact which Ace believes proves her enemies had prior knowledge on her unit's
    command structure.
    Llana was known for her amazing willpower.  She met great resistance when
    attempting to license the Breakers unit officially.  Most of this resistance came
    from within her own circle of close friends, but also included local military
    leaders, politicians, and even those on the mercenary council.  Despite her
    setbacks, she was nonetheless able to form the group and successfully hold
    leadership for herself.  All who knew her also remember her for her sense of
    adventure and charisma.  She loved taking her own calculated risks, but never
    let her team do so.
    Llana's death was particularly hard on her lover, Ace.  The man immediately
    started a life on the run, becoming so paranoid due to his girlfriend's death that
    he coveted his own mercenary unit away from public life.  Ace has since opened
    up about the anguish he experienced after Llana's death.  He moved on to
    partner with fellow teammate Suzy Evans and the two had their son Merrick.  
    Ace is the only person to know that Merrick was also the name of Llana's son,
    who died only months after being born out of wedlock.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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