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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Redjack Ryan

Pirate King

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  2988
Place of Origin:  Lyran Commonwealth

Gunnery:  Unknown

Piloting:  Unknown

Pilots:  Unknown

Lance:  Unknown

...Not Applicable
...Not Applicable

Pirate King

Kenny Redjack Ryan was the illegitimate son of a Lyran noble. Though he was able to attend military training as a youth, he was thrown out for altering his test scores. Shortly thereafter the young man left Lyran space for the Oberon Confederation. He was able to purchase a position as a battalion commander and worked under Hendrick Grimm the III.
Redjack was ordered to occupy a Lyran planet called Fianna - which was also known as Lysidas - as part of an Oberon Confederation favor to the Lyrans. As the planet was held by the Free Worlds League at the time, Redjack and his troops were to act as liberators wherever they went. Instead they pillaged areas across the planet indiscriminately.
The group fell into interstellar infamy in 3017 when they destroyed a large fusion power plant, resulting in the poisoning of much of Lysidas. Brendan Strider, the father of Mike Strider, had been visiting Lysidas during the time and was one of the millions killed in the radiation poisoning. Redjack and his men fled from the planet shortly thereafter when Hendrick placed responsibility for the incident squarely on Ryan's shoulders. Brendan's family learned of the crime long afterwards, then focused their blame solely on the man made infamous in the news holovids. Brendan's eldest son, William, sought out the pirate king by actually doing his own investigations on the man's whereabouts.
Taking up residence on the world of Butte Hold, Redjack became the leader of Ryan's Rebels. The group soon became known as the Pirates of Butte Hold. Working as the leader of the pirate group, Redjack made many enemies. Among the earliest of these, William Strider showed up on Butte Hold. Young William, who was obviously not a local to Butte Hold, claimed to have interest in joining the group of pirates. Redjack soon discovered William's true intentions however, and while torturing the younger man during interrogations he recorded everything. Redjack, already famous for his cruelty, took much pleasure in the opportunity. In the case of William Strider, he even took the effort to send the recording back to William's family. With her eldest son dead at the hands of those guilty for her husband's death, Brendan's mentally-unstable wife committed suicide. The only surviving member of the family, William's younger brother Mike, planned his own revenge on Redjack.
Though he was only 26 years old, Mike burned with a hatred that he had never known. He plotted for nearly 14 years before carrying out his own attack on the pirate king. He joined the pirate band in the same way his brother had attempted. However unlike his brother, Mike had actually become a killer during his 12 years of training. His obsession with revenge had brought him so close to crime that Mike was now the same kind of killer that Redjack was regularly hiring. The cover held for Mike and he bode his time to strike at Redjack.
In 3040, Redjack attacked a Union Dropship transporting Xandar Harlow, a young thug who had unintentionally ruined Redjack's plot to poison the planet of Oberon in a terrorist attack. Though Redjack succeeded in boarding Xandar's dropship, it was during this strike that Mike Strider initiated his own attack. Though Mike succeeded in leaving the pirate king for dead, he did not actually see to Redjack's personal demise. Instead he crippled Redjack's dropship after backstabbing the pirate.
Redjack Ryan was last seen in the Wolf Clan. He was captured by the Clan on the planet The Rock at the same time Phelan Kell was captured. Ryan's fate within the Clan is unknown.
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