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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Adam Vindraff


Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3022
Place of Origin:  Capellan Confederation

Gunnery:  5

Piloting:  6

  • Gallowglas WD, 70 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Hammer Lance - Friendly Sharks

    ...Gallowglas Photo Link


    In the backwater worlds of the Capellan March, Mech skirmishing is a common
    scene.  Confusion is often wide-spread, with both Davion and Liao forces
    curious to whom the locals actually side with.  Some, very few in fact, make
    profits off of this confusion.  Adam Vindraff was one such man.  Adam, a native
    of the Capellan March, gradually turned his back on both of the militaries who
    so often fought to control his home galaxy.  Becoming a lone pirate, he
    schemed with several of the local politicians in backstabbing both houses.
    Using information as ammunition, Adam found military weak points using
    political data as well as rumors.  He would attack these points himself while
    working for any number of the politicians.  Adam often worked for multiple sides
    in conjunction so that his profits were maximized.  This work and its pay
    provided him with rather large amounts of money.  This could readily be seen
    by Adam's Mech, a Clan upgraded Gallowglas.  The Mech is part of the Inner
    Sphere's response to the Clans, containing a Clan ER PPC mounted on a new
    Inner Sphere chassis.  The Mech also mounts jump jets, which provided him
    with increased mobility and an easy escape route when situations went sour.
    Adam's job was quite dangerous, but he had been just the type to welcome
    such dangers.  He commonly faced multiple, small, guard Mechs.  His 70 ton
    Gallowglas usually handled any enemies he encountered.
    He had an incredibly large set of contacts he has used over the years in finding
    his information.  He also had thousands of enemies.  Over the years he had
    come to call his operations "shadowruns" due to their silent, deadly intent.  
    Adam had signed on with the Strikers in an attempt to give up his old lifestyle.  
    Finally deciding that his "shadowruns" had become too dangerous, he had
    chosen to join a mercenary unit.  Adam chose the Strikers because they choose
    not to relate to any major House within the Inner Sphere.  While his number of
    allies began to grow, and his enemies were lost with the past, Adam became
    confident he could retire within a few years.  Owning his BattleMech provided
    him with special benefits as a Striker.  Another major contributor to his growing
    wealth was the leftovers from his days as a pirate.
    Adam was known for fighting dishonorably among the Strikers.  Though the
    Clan members spread rumors about him, Adam seemed to care little.  He often
    fought one on one, but used zellbrigen to lure dangerous Clan opponents away
    from other members of the Strikers.  Adam also liked tricking enemies into a
    false sense of security, concealing the Clan nature of his weaponry until an
    enemy had become over-confident.
    Adam was killed during the nuclear explosion on the Trilobite Moon in 3067.  He
    was caught in the outer area of the main blast and his Mech was severely
    burned.  He was killed instantly in the fire, and even little of his Mech remained
    after the terrible heatwave had scorched it into the earth around him.  Those
    present during the attack remember the tragic scene even more vividly because
    of the terrain around Adam's Mech.  He had been crossing a sandy portion and
    the entire area was left as glass when the heat had finally subsided.  His
    charred Mech could easily be seen in the vast expanse of naked glass crystals.  
    Though he'd met an unfortunate end, he'd also earned an impressive number of
    kills and much respect from his Inner Sphere lancemates.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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