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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Avalon Hodge


Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Female
Year of Birth:  3026
Place of Origin:  Free Worlds League

Gunnery:  4 with Gauss Rifle Specialist Skill

Driving / Piloting:  3

Drives:  35-ton Striker Light Tank

Lance:  Strikers' Ground Assault Lance - Armadillos

  • Striker Light Tank - Avalon, 35 tons

  • ...Striker Light Tank Photo Link

    Loose Cannon

    Avalon Hodge was born on Wasat in 3026.  Her father was in the Marik military,
    serving a 30 year term in service on the borderworlds of Liao.  When her father
    Anders Hodge was stationed on Wasat, he met Angela Kinburn.  They married,
    had their only child Avalon, and lived a periodically separated life due to Ander's
    Avalon grew up never truly knowing her father.  After his retirement in 3038,
    young Avalon and Anders grew close.  Anders shared his war stories, while
    Avalon kept him up to date on her schooling.  She became interested in the
    vehicles he piloted and drove during his life.  She was especially fascinated that
    her father could destroy BattleMechs with his Galleon tank.  Attempting to plan
    his daughter's life, Anders purchased a Wasp BattleMech for Avalon in 3045.  
    He exclaimed proudly to Avalon that she had "what it takes" to make it in the
    military.  Avalon, scared of disappointing him, joined the Marik army and soon
    grew accustomed to its harsh lifestyle.  Unlike her father, she had no soul-mate
    to come home to.  She became lonely and depressed, only focusing her time
    and attention on her work;  and how she could become a more effective killing
    After 11 years of military lifestyle, Avalon snapped.  She had tired of her fellow
    soldier's comments and finally decided something must be done.  She
    challenged her commanding officer to a duel, stating he would not survive the
    encounter dare he risk it. The lance leader graciously accepted the challenge,
    making a fool of Avalon as he mocked her ways.
    Avalon fought the lance leader later that night, a few kilometers out of town at
    an old strip mining complex.  Her choice of battleground proved very risky, with
    deep groves in the territory just large enough for small Mechs to fall into.  After
    several minutes the battle was over.  Avalon had won by luring her opponent
    into a mining pit, then ripping his Vulcan BattleMech's cockpit from its body
    while her commander had tried to pull his Mech's leg free.  She killed the lance
    leader in an outrage by throwing him, alive in his cockpit, for hundreds of
    Avalon was discharged from the military, but escaped jail sentence.  She
    returned to her parents, only to be thrown out of her home onto the streets.  
    Avalon's personal madness reached a new peak.  After rejection by her family,
    she decided she would become a pirate.  She stole a small Rotunda  from a
    local military outpost and began plotting her would-be life.  Driving across the
    flats of Wasat, she discovered a small base that looked uninhabited.  Avalon
    clashed with Rocky Potts after breaking into the Strikers' Mech shed.  After
    making an uneasy alliance with the older technician, she decided to give the
    Strikers a chance and offer her "superior" skills to them.
    Avalon was considered a veteran driver.  Experience while a teenager and in the
    military aided her driving, piloting, and gunnery abilities.  She drove a
    customized Striker armored car, toting a single turret mounted with her favorite
    weapon:  a Gauss rifle.  Avalon was a brave, possible crazy soldier.  She faced
    almost any enemy with the ferocity of a wild jackal.  In her first encounter as a
    mercenary, Avalon ambushed an enemy Wasp by taking it out from behind with
    one shot from her Rotunda's large laser.
    She ranked as her "lance" commander, leading Mandrake, Sergei Dive, and
    "Lucky" Day.  Avalon was killed in the Blakist attack on the Strider's Strikers
    base in 3065.  She had attained a kill record of 14, which ranked second highest
    among all Striker vehicle drivers.  Her personality was an inspiration for the
    simulated enemy commander in the Strider's Strikers custom Mech-simulator
    generator program.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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