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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Duo Maxwell

Co-Commander - Colonel - Company Commander - Lance Commander - Mechwarrior

Sketch by Nikola Temklov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3033
Place of Origin:  Draconis Combine

Gunnery:  3 with Melee Specialist Skill

Piloting:  5

  • Hatamoto-Chi HTM-Maxwell, 80 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Guardian Lance - Open Minds

  • Previous Mech: Charger Maxwell, 80 tons

  • ...Hatamoto-Chi Photo Link

    Samurai Monk

    Duo Maxwell was born in 3033.  His parents were killed shortly after he was
    born, and Duo was taken in by Buddhist monks.  He was blessed with an
    excellent education, as well as a strong faith in the Buddhist religion.  However
    he soon became interested in the battles taking place near his home and those
    shown on the local news broadcast.  Though his brothers discouraged him,
    young Duo abandoned the monastery and trained with a small band of
    guerrillas.  Meeting a fellow soldier's grandfather, Duo began training as a
    samurai of "the oldest code".  Skilled in only 3 years time, Duo left after his
    master passed away.  This samurai training added to the expert skills and
    mastering of emotions he had already learned from his monk brothers.
    After wandering in search of his place in the universe, Duo became interested in
    a new way of fighting.  This involved the BattleMechs he had watched those
    many years ago outside his childhood monastery.  Hatchet Mechs, a creation of
    Dr. Banzai, had become a popular concept that was now being used against the
    Clan invaders.  Maxwell viewed a famous Kurita veteran on a biography
    transmission, and listened as the vet explained how he became one with his
    Mech during battle.  This idea appealed to Duo, and so he decided he had not
    yet completed his personal training.
    In 3054, Duo traveled to Solaris in order to find himself a BattleMech.  Showing
    his skills as a hand to hand fighter to several Kurita stables, Duo earned a spot
    in an upcoming battle in which he could earn his own Mech.  After training with
    the stable for one week, Duo fought and won his battle.  Rather than stay and
    represent his stable, he immediately left system with his Mech, a Charger.  He
    began planning attacks of his own against Clan invaders on Draconis Combine
    planets.  Never able to enter such a battle due to an absence of support, Duo
    realized he would have to find a new way to approach this kind of fighting.
    After reading about various mercenaries(most small teams in which he could
    make a difference), Duo discovered a team under the employ of Comstar.  
    Readying himself, he hired a Dropship and left for Diosd.  Aiding Strider's
    Strikers in a battle against Clan Jade Falcon, Duo unofficially joined the team.  
    After helping the Strikers win against the odds, Duo was accepted into the unit.
    Duo is a reliable warrior who has recently been granted a commanding position.
     He is usually very serious, living his life as a mixture of monk, samurai,
    student, and warrior.  He is especially known among the Strikers for his
    confrontations with Devon Carns of Clan Nova Cat.  Most Striker members
    believe the two were enemies of one another.  In reality they had a deep respect
    for their varying lifestyles and remarkable similarities.  However when
    disagreeing, the two tended to settle problems physically.  In such cases, both
    men were victorious against one another on several occasions.  Maxwell
    recently received an upgraded Hatamoto-Chi Mech as a reward for his action in
    the FedCom Civil war as a Strikers subdivision commander.
    He increasingly became important in the team and one of its primary leaders in
    the weeks after the loss of both Devon Carns and Mike Strider.  He began
    working closely with Commander Ryan Allen, Star Captain Sasha Breen,
    Savalas, Dr. Suzy Evans, and Commander Merrick Leghorn in making all major
    decisions.  He earned further respect during this time and was made a
    centerpiece during meetings because of his voicing of Inner Sphere opinions.
    Even more, Duo became the Commander of the Inner Sphere half of the unit.  
    His position officially ranks him as the leader of the entire Strikers mercenary
    unit.  He received this promotion after fellow Mechwarrior Ryan Allen rejected
    the position weeks after being pushed into it when Mike Strider was killed in
    3068 during the Blakist headhunter attack.
    Despite being the new Commander of the unit, he refuses to openly be called
    Colonel Maxwell.  His display of honorable behavior in battle, as well as his
    modest views of himself, have led Clan members of the team to quietly respect
    him.  These qualities have proven to make him a difficult target for hardline Clan
    members who hope to show Inner Sphere weaknesses during political

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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