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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Hayato Rihaku

Lance Commander - Mechwarrior

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3044
Place of Origin:  Draconis Combine

Gunnery:  3

Piloting:  4

  • Shogun SHG-2E, 85 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Defensive Lance - Backbone

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    Electronics Genius

    The son of a poor engineer, Hayato Rihaku has lead a troubled life.  His first
    anxieties came to him as a child when his father contracted a terrible genetic
    disease that hindered his ability to support the small family.  Young Hayato was
    determined to make a difference, despite his age and lack of formal education.
    He began studying his father's manuals, learning to design basic machines and
    electronic devices.  As he grew into his teenage years, Hayato had grown so
    accustomed to studying that he found enjoyment in reading his father's
    technical manuals.  Despite his lack of a university education, it seemed he
    would provide the security his family needed by finding an engineering job.
    However one night Hayato overheard his parents discussion about their son's
    future.  It became apparent that his father believed the young Hayato would be
    unsuccessful as an engineer, and had determined that the boy would earn the
    most money by acting as a soldier for the local government.  His mother
    pleaded with her husband, urging him to reconsider for various reasons.  
    Regardless of how inactive the local military force had been in recent years,
    Hayato's mother believed her son would be the victim of a biological weapons
    program that the military had reportedly been testing on its failed recruits.  
    Eventually his mother gave in during the argument, conceding that her husband
    must be right and that the military opportunity was the greatest hope for their
    son's future.
    Hayato was shocked by his parents' decision.  He was both angry and afraid,
    feeling completely alone for the first time in his life.  After pretending to be
    asleep when his mother checked on him later that night, Hayato packed his
    backpack and ran off into the night.  He decided he would steal a vehicle from a
    nearby garage and get as far away from his home as he possibly could.
    After an extended time searching for a suitable vehicle, Hayato entered the only
    garage he could find by cracking an electronic lock.  However the distraught
    young man didn't succeed in going anywhere.  Exhausted and emotionally
    broken, he fell asleep shortly after deciding to rest in the deserted garage.  He
    was captured by the owners of the garage, a small group of amateur militia
    men.  They were surprised that he had not only broken into their garage, but
    had cracked the electronically coded lock without damaging it.
    Offering Hayato membership to their group, the small militia team decided to
    take advantage of his abilities for their own practical use.  In return for his
    services, he would not be reported to the police.  He would also be paid for his
    help in breaking other locks for the militia in the future.  Hayato soon accepted
    the position and began working for the team.
    After about 2 years with the militia force, Hayato became interested in joining a
    larger mercenary force.  He believed he could steal a Mech from a nearby
    factory and decided to do so.  After acquiring his extremely rare 85 ton Shogun,
    Hayato responded to the Strikers' call for help in defending their team against
    an incoming Word of Blake task force.  He successfully fought his way through
    the 3065-3066 campaign, only to wind up in another battle against Blakists in
    late 3068 when Blakists attacked for the second time that year.
    The second attack forced Strider's Strikers out of their makeshift base; the
    team already having been forced from their original base during the Blakists'
    headhunt that resulted in the deaths of both Clan and Inner Sphere
    commanders.  During this second attack, Hayato's lance was ordered to hold a
    defensive position.  Though the move was noble in its attempt to protect
    retreating forces, Hayato and his lancemates failed after being ambushed
    immediately upon their deployment.  With his commanding skills lacking and a
    wave of panic from the overwhelming odds, Hayato chose to divide his lance
    into two teams to counterattack the surrounding Blakists.  This move further
    weakened the unsupported lance.
    Hayato and Mizuho Yamada were the only survivors that were able to withdraw
    before being captured or killed.  As a result, Hayato has lost his command as a
    lance leader.  His stress has compounded.  He is currently receiving
    psychological treatment for the guilt he feels due to his role in his lancemates'

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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