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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Holden Trumphay

Emergency-Commander - Lance Commander - Mechwarrior

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3027
Place of Origin:  Capellan Confederation

Gunnery:  2

Piloting:  4

  • Cobra CBR-TPHY, 45 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Trek Lance - The Skeleton Crew

  • Previous Mech: Cobra CBR-02, 45 tons

  • ...Cobra Photo Link

    Vampire's Fangs' Traitor

    Holden Trumphay is a man with a dark past.  Once the commander of a small
    group of outlaws, Holden became famous throughout Capellan systems as the
    "White Thief".  Though this past is one of his many stories, it is one he now
    holds secret.  Holden's unit was annihilated when a small group of
    Capellan-hired mercenaries discovered his base.  Fortunately for Holden
    himself, he was not in the base at the time.  Unfortunately he lost everything
    dear to him:  many close friends, his wife, and his child.
    While trying to recover from such an ordeal, Holden sought work in which he
    could forget some of his problems.  He was soon hired on to a new mercenary
    unit called the Vampire's Fangs.  The Fangs are a team funded by Word of
    Blake.  The unit was created to give rise to the power of the Toyama faction
    within the Word of Blake.
    Unknown to Holden, the Toyama faction would soon fight the newest team to
    hunt the White Thief under contract, the Strider's Strikers.  After multiple
    battles, the Fangs were left divided.  The Strikers soon defeated the Fangs,
    capturing Holden in the process.  When his identity was uncovered by Striker
    Commander Mike Strider, Holden lost all hope.  However he was offered a
    secret pact by Strider.  Ensuring Holden's safety and financial well-being in
    exchange for his skills, Strider released him into the custody of his would-be
    The Strikers collected their fee for accomplishing their bounty hunting contract.
     Later that night, a Striker team rescued the "Thief" while under the guise of
    Holden's extinct unit.  Holden joined on to the Strikers, accepting an honorable
    position of lance commander.  Though the Clan half of the Strikers were
    completely unaware of Strider's contract back stab, a limited few of the Inner
    Sphere Strikers were trusted with this information.  Investigations by Borg of
    the Strider's Strikers Intelligence Corps have since discovered the dishonorable
    recruitment, punishing Commander Strider himself after challenging him to a
    Trial of Refusal.
    Holden commanded his lance, appropriately called the Trek lance, whom
    specialized in woodland and jungle combat.  Two of the Mechwarriors under his
    command were originally Capellan soldiers, ironically from units which his own
    original team had regularly battled against.
    Holden appeared to enjoy his role in the Strikers.  He seemed to have found a
    number of friends and at least some sympathy at times when he needed it.  
    Holden occasionally becomes silent and depressed, as those who know his real
    story might expect him to.  His lancemates were normally confused when he
    behaved this way.  His closest friends during his early years on the unit
    appeared to be Jane Curtain, Dr. Byron Jones, and Clan aerospace pilot Opvall.  
    Mike Strider remained a confidante, but probably because he was the only
    Striker who knew Holden's story full circle.
    His teammates' respect of him grew in 3065, after Holden had held off a Blakist
    group for weeks in their plans to attack the Strikers Head Quarters.  Holden and
    a small group of Mechs were the only units on-planet at the time, and he faced a
    devastatingly large Blakist strike force determined to steal valuable data
    regarding the Arbiter lostech Warship's location.
    Holden prompted the Blakists to settle in by threatening to destroy the data
    immediately.  Not without resources, he used hidden exits to evacuate civilians
    and deploy covert operatives whom collected information on the Blakist units.  
    Judging from his operatives findings, Holden knew he could never fend off the
    attackers in actual combat.  He opted to delay them as long as possible, even
    managing to recruit a new lance of Mechwarriors using his contacts outside the
    Eventually the Crusaders mercenary unit arrived on Miranda, where they would
    take some R and R and meet with Sir Owen Hardcastle.  Holden sent a distress
    signal to the mercenaries and was able to secure their employment by offering
    significant upfront payments.  The only catch was the Crusaders unit had to
    break into the Strikers base through a wall of Blakist forces.  After doing so
    against incredible odds, the Crusaders and Strikers joined under Holden's
    command to evacuate the base and leave the Blakists to an empty Head
    Quarters facility.  Holden had succeeded in tricking the Blakists to believe he
    had the Warship data when in fact, he'd never possessed any of the sensitive
    information the Blakists had sought.
    Holden and his lance faced an unfortunate task in 3068 when Blakist forces
    moved against the temporary Strider's Strikers base.  Holden ordered his men
    to seal off the area to prevent further Blakist movement along a weakened
    retreating Strikers' personnel convoy.  The convoy was able to evacuate to a
    nearby Dropship, but the deaths of Holden's lancemates Fritz Dravnerr and
    Fenton Hardy have only added to the emotional stress he has been forced to
    endure in his life.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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