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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Kurtis Carrico


Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3030
Place of Origin:  Outworlds Alliance

Gunnery:  3

Piloting:  5

  • Falconer FLC-8R, 75 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Hammer Lance - Friendly Sharks

    ...Falconer Photo Link

    Tricky Mechwarrior

    Kurtis Carrico is a seemingly frail Mechwarrior.  His relatively small body
    contrasts with that of many of his fellow Mechwarriors.  However Kurtis can
    dish it out like the rest of them.  One of Kurtis' favorite strategies is to send a
    visual image of himself to his enemies, tricking them into a false sense of
    security and sometimes hampering their usual cautiousness.  He often exploits
    many fearless opponents by keeping them at long range, pummeling them with
    his ER PPC and Gauss Rifle.  His Falconer BattleMech can maintain a rather
    high speed and the Mech's jump jets give him additional maneuverability.  Kurtis
    is considered a regular pilot and he has even faced Clan Steel Viper warriors in
    his time in the Periphery.
    Kurtis was fortunate during the nuclear assault against his company while
    training on the Trilobite Moon.  When the shockwaves from the nuclear
    explosion hit, he was instantly swept off his feet.  He was fortunate enough to
    pick his Mech up off the ground rather quickly, and his jump jets allowed him to
    escape in a timely manner.  While he suffered some effects of mild radiation
    poisoning, he has experienced no long-term effects.
    Kurtis has felt the loss of his teammates.  He feels his unit has lost much of its
    spirit with the deaths of so many of its Mechwarriors.  He is hopeful for the
    future however and has worked hard to build strong relationships with members
    of Acer's Hueys and the Crusaders.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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