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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Manon Von Gerkan

Computer Analyst

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Female
Year of Birth:  3037
Place of Origin:  Terra

Gunnery:  Not Applicable

Piloting:  Not Applicable

Pilots:  Not Applicable

Lance:  Not Applicable

...Not Applicable
...Not Applicable

Computer Analyst Specialist

Rumored to have been descended from Terran royalty, computer specialist and
encryptionist Manon Von Gerkan was strikingly beautiful.  Manon had worked
for the Strider's Strikers since 3059, joining the team shortly after they
established their base on Wasat.  Manon spent most of her time within the
Strikers' Mobile Headquarters, where she played important rules in organizing
communications transmissions and developing unique code systems for the
mercenary team and its partner units.
With years of data encryption experience, Manon had been the woman to call
when Striker tank crews discovered a lost memory core in the Labrea system.  
After nearly two months working to crack the core's codes, Manon discovered
the computer core belonged to a Succession War-era mercenary unit called the
Acer's Hueys.  Thanks to her efforts, the Strikers were able to contact the
Manon had also performed specialized tasks for the Strider's Strikers
Intelligence Corps.  She regularly worked with Mural Rye-Del and Borg of the
Nova Cats to trace coded enemy transmissions.  She formed part of the
think-tank that discovered the presence of Word of Blake influence within the
planet Wasat's governmental and political dealings.
Manon was killed during the Blakist poisoning of the Clan barracks' water
supply.  She had arrived on site that morning for a special meeting with Borg
regarding a new security system's programming, and joined some of her Clan
counterparts for breakfast in the mess hall.  In the weeks before her death, both
the Clan and Inner Sphere commanders had been negotiating for a specialized
promotion that would give Manon more power in developing her own team of
investigators.  She had been assembling a group of trusted analysts on her own
in a move to uncover any additional covert dealings within the Strikers ranks.

This profile was last updated in 3068.
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