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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Marc Lucas


Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3027
Place of Origin:  Free Worlds League

Gunnery:  2

Piloting:  5

  • Spider SDR-5V, 30 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Scout Lance - The Invaders

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    Comstar Regular

    Marc Lucas first encountered the "real world" when he tried out for the Com Guards. From a public view, young Marc (considered an expert pilot and talented gunner) was expected to blow his competition away during his tryouts. Disappointment befell Marc when he learned of his test results. He had tied with a previous drop out, one Mace Volt. Marc had learned of Volt's loss the previous year, and he himself had scrutinized Mace's performance during those earlier trials. Now it appeared Mace was back, and much better than ever. Marc decided to accept a little friendly rivalry, but after the tryouts he and Mace never tied again. Mace repeatedly outdid Marc, taking the high score in nearly every class in the Com Guard training program. Marc's own esteem hit a low, and he decided he wasn't all that great after all. The time had come to face Mace with respect, not hate, and so Marc began looking up to him. Mace's skills flourished even further, and Marc soon considered Mace's position unattainable. Finishing his training with a new crowd of friends, Marc ignored his former rival and concentrated on his own future.

    Unfortunately for Marc, the Clans were invading. The time had come to fight the single most important battle in the Inner Sphere's history. The Battle of Tukayyid was at hand. Marc and Mace were both recruited into the 121st Division of the Com Guards. Facing an incredible Clan opposition, the green Inner Sphere unit was crushed within 48 hours of the initial engagement. Ejecting from his Spider, Marc was engulfed by enemy fire as soon as he hit the ground. Using his father's laser pistol, Marc managed his way to safety along the edge of a dry riverbed. Here he ran into a most unlikely ally, Mace Volt. Mace's Owens had been destroyed as well, and the two decided to unite for their common well being. After several hours, the two hitched a ride upon a Padilla tank. Reaching a drop site, they were taken off planet.

    Dispossessed of his BattleMech, Marc faced an angry public back home. His family supported his efforts, but Marc could not help but feel disgrace for his failures. He grew depressed and only worked for his father's business. Soon a message arrived calling Marc back into his service with the Com Guards. This time he would be aiding a superior officer in Marik territory. Arriving on Dehgolan, Marc learned his Adept officer would be none other than Mace Volt. Marc decided to try and make the best of things, and followed Volt's requests to the T. However, Mace was having a difficult time with his job and eventually withdrew from the liaison position. Marc and Mace then took a Dropship to Diosd, where they were ordered to act as Mechwarriors in the fight against Jade Falcon. Enemy aircraft attacked shortly after they had entered the system, and Mace and Marc found their Dropship crashing to certain death. Luckily the Dropship captain managed to right the craft, and the two soon found themselves strapped into their Mechs, being pursued by heavy numbers of Jade Falcon Mechs. Retreating from their position, they homed in on a small group of friendly Mechs and joined the fray. Marc and Mace both survived the fight, which had actually been an encounter between Strider's Strikers and the Falcon forces. They then went on to join the Strider's Strikers.

    Marc was known as an average pilot. Though his skills were exceptional for a green Mechwarrior during his tryouts, his own doubt hampered his abilities. He had considerably accurate aim, but maintained a poor sense of balance. Marc piloted a 30 ton Spider on the Command Company's scout lance during his years of service with the Strikers.

    When Strider's Strikers were attacked by a Word of Blake death squad in 3068, Marc Lucas was one of the few Mechwarriors able to get his Mech into the fight. He successfully warded off many battle-armored foes, but met an unlucky end when he collided with an enemy Mech during physical combat. His cockpit was shattered and Marc was dead by the time medical help arrived at the scene. This profile was last updated in 3068.

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