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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Mark 'Maverick' Pike


Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  2997
Place of Origin:  Taurian Concordat

Gunnery:  2

Piloting:  4

  • Grand Titan T-IT-N11M, 100 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Command Lance - The Others

    ...Grand Titan Photo Link

    Lone Mercenary

    'Maverick' Pike had an extensive career in the mercenary business.  Since his
    academic failure in the Taurian Concordat Institute for Higher Learning, Mark
    has been piloting BattleMechs as a Mechwarrior for hire.  His experiences as a
    bounty hunter and battlefield sniper provided Mark with a resume few others
    possess.  He fine tuned his skills as a member of the Chinese Bandits in 3034.  
    His tryouts for the Bandits displayed Mark's talent as a maverick Mechwarrior,
    independently accomplishing his missions whenever given the chance.  His
    abilities were obvious to the unit's leader from the start.  Chosen for his
    techniques, he was assigned as a headhunter in a medium class Mech lance.  
    He met success piloting his 55 ton Exterminator BattleMech, often using his
    heat signature system to sneak behind enemy lines and establish ambushes
    upon enemy commanders.  Hired as a one man "clean up" team, Mark met up
    with Mike Strider in 3045.  The two joined forces while hunting a powerful team
    of bandits on a Periphery back-world.  After 3 weeks of guerrilla warfare against
    a stronger foe, the small Hansen's Roughriders lance including Strider left
    planet to wait for reinforcements in the form of an additional lance.  Pike
    continued on his own mission, working to rid his employer of the pirate's
    attacks.  Using tactics he picked up from the Bandits unit and his new ally
    Strider, Mark lured his opponents out one by one.  After defeating nearly a third
    of the pirate band, Mark was aided by the Roughrider reinforcements.  Though
    offered a position by the Roughrider team, he continued to fight on his own for
    several years.  When Strider first formed the Strikers, Mark was there at his
    request.  Mark was initially selected as second-in-command because of his
    abilities.  Unable to fight in many Striker battles while doing favors for old
    friends of his own, Mark lost his secondary command position to more active
    member Ryan Allen and temporarily Mace Volt.
    Mark continued fighting with the Strikers and became more of a permanent
    member in recent years.  A well respected founding member of the team, he
    piloted the monstrous 100 ton Grand Titan on the command lance.  Though his
    headhunting skills were rarely called on within the unit's own contracts, Mark
    rode smaller Mechs on occasion to fulfill quick strike operations.  He trained
    with a separate lance for such missions.  He was usually paired with Tony
    Hopkins in these cases.  Mark's battle experience holds a vast history, and so
    he was normally called upon for advice by Strider when major decisions were
    need to be made during campaigns.
    Mark's popularity grew after his frequent shows of stubbornness when
    disagreeing with Clan members of the unit.  Because this caused headaches for
    his commanders, he was increasingly seen as a voice for the Inner Sphere
    portion of the team.  This role put him at odds with both his commanders on
    several occasions, but Mark never misused his power during such debacles.  
    He usually declined to push his point if either of his commanders made it very
    clear they felt differently.  He was however, never afraid to give his opinion on a
    topic if such an opportunity arose during debates or discussions.
    Mark was killed during the Blakist attack on Strider's Strikers command
    barracks.  He was unable to pilot his Mech during the confrontation.  It is
    believed he was attacked while sleeping in his room.  Evidence recovered from
    the building's remains suggests that Mark was assaulted by Purifier
    battle-armored troops.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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