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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Ryan Allen

Ex-Co-Commander - Ex-Colonel - Ex-Company Commander - Ex-Lance Commander - Mechwarrior

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3022
Place of Origin:  Free Worlds League

Gunnery:  2

Piloting:  6 with Edge Special Ability

  • Infighter IFR-V5, 70 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Command Lance - The Others

  • Previous Mech: Infighter IFR-V3, 70 tons

  • Original Prototype Mech: Infighter IFR-V1, 70 tons

  • ...Infighter Photo Link
  • The Infighter Project

  • Test Pilot and Technician

    In 3045, on the Marik planet of Les Halles, the small city of Nattahnam was
    terrorized by several lances of Liao light Mechs.  The force was originally intent
    on damaging several small BattleMech factories in the city and consisted of
    several inexperienced green pilots.  One factory, Steel and Pipe Simple Designs,
    came under attack by a Wasp and a Sentinel.  The uncoordinated Sentinel pilot
    crashed into a crane in the factory.  Guided by expert operator Reggie Sims, the
    crane crushed the cockpit of the Mech, shattering its protective ferroglass and
    killing the pilot.  Reggie then used the crane to lift the fallen Mech, pulling it to
    its feet once again and steadying it at the base of a building.  Nearby armorer
    and technician Ryan Allen dropped into the open cockpit, trying desperately to
    gain control of the damaged machine.  The Wasp's pilot soon realized what was
    happening and dropped its sights on Sims.  The large laser vaporized Ryan's
    co-worker, effectively disabling the crane.  Ryan, using skills he had developed
    in his years as a BattleMech crafter, quickly melded wires together and plugged
    himself into the Sentinel's damaged cockpit.  He took aim and fired an SRM2
    upon the other Mech's cockpit.  The Wasp shuddered under the impact,
    dropping to its knees and crashing into unassembled Mech arm infrastructures.
     Rocky Potts, another factory worker, became trapped by the fallen Mech.  Ryan
    saved him by pulling the other Mech away from Rocky.  Having lost his hands,
    Rocky sought rapid medical attention.  Ryan slowly picked him up and began
    walking the Mech to the nearest hospital.
    After medical treatment the couple of unlikely heroes pawned off their Mech to a
    local thug.  The two used the money to jump from planet to planet, and began a
    gambling streak of enormous loss.  After 13 years the two ended up on a
    backwater planet called Trolloc Prime.  In one town, Rocky and Ryan were
    captured by city law enforcement after losing a bet with a few of the locals.  
    Under the eye of Tashakia Fong, Rocky and Ryan were imprisoned and moved
    out of town.
    Meanwhile Mike Strider and Devon Carns had heard rumors of two off-worlders
    being captured by Fong and his men.  Feeling a need to investigate, Strider
    asked a local enforcer for Fong's location.  The enforcer jumped Mike, only to
    be savagely taken down with a blow to the spine by Devon.  Fong's brutality and
    intentions shown through his soldier's actions, so the commander began
    plotting an attack to rescue the unfortunate couple.  Taking down Fong's Mechs
    and stealing a Trebuchet for Allen and Potts, the Strikers gained two new
    members and the team's primary techs.
    Ryan is an average pilot who always depends on what he calls "dumbluck" to
    defeat his foes.  While riding his custom Mech, the Infighter, Ryan packs a
    punch whenever possible.  His technical know-how of myomer bundles is often
    used to repair the worst of internal damages.  Ryan enjoys taunting the enemy
    and playing the role of the team's joker.  However despite this joking image,
    Ryan is generally looked up to by the other Strikers.  His battlefield skills prove
    him worthy of such respect, as well as his technical abilities when helping any
    of the team to improve their Mechs.
    Ryan's experience and devotion to the Strikers team led to his promotion to
    second in command in the mid 3060s.  However, with the Blakist death squad's
    attack on the command barracks in 3068 and the subsequent deaths of the
    unit's commanding officers Strider and Carns, Ryan declined to fulfill his role as
    commander.  The strain of command proved to heavy for him, and he shifted
    the role over to his trusted friend Duo Maxwell.
    With the unit's reformation and tragic losses, Rocky Potts and Ryan Allen also
    questioned their commitment to the team.  However both of the pilots have
    opted to remain with the unit regardless of its future, as they have found a
    home amongst Clan and Inner Sphere peoples alike.  Ryan Allen has made a
    particular political foe in Sasha Breen of the Steel Vipers.  His veto while a
    commander of the unit cancelled her plot to strike a Blakist base, compounding
    opposition against the Steel Vipers original act of vengeance.  Ryan hopes to
    mend the relationships he's damaged in the past months, and he's begun to do
    so by supporting both Clan and Inner Sphere representatives.  Ryan has
    befriended Savalas of the Nova Cats most recently, finding a friend in a Clan
    member of the team who shares many of his ideologies.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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