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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Samuel Stark

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3017
Place of Origin:  Lyran Alliance

Gunnery:  Unknown

Piloting:  Unknown

  • Stark Light Battle Armor, 350 kg

  • Lance:  Not Applicable

    ...Stark Light Battle Armor Photo Link

    Weapons and Projects Funder

    A weapons enthusiast and one time covert operative, Samuel Stark is commonly
    found working with members of the Strider's Strikers infantry division.  Samuel
    is officially retired, but his work with covert ops and modification of weaponry
    often comes in handy for Strikers' soldiers.  Having designed and built his own
    heavily armed jump trooper suit, Samuel is a popular role model amongst the
    He has traveled with the Strikers since their time on Wasat.  Many of the team
    speculate how long he would continue to travel with them.  Strider's Strikers
    Intelligence Corps members even investigated Samuel's motives for staying on
    the team.  At one point, it was suggested he might have been a spy for
    Katherine Steiner's forces.  However offended he might have been by the
    accusation, Samuel passed all investigations and became popular again with
    infantry units.
    He seems to spend most of his time funding and participating in armor
    research.  He could also be found on weekends playing cards the Pay's Due
    platoon barracks.  Samuel and most of the infantry shared a variety of interest
    including experimental weapon design.  Samuel especially liked to show off his
    customized creations he had created in the research laboratory with the help of
    Dr. Byron Jones.  With the death of most of the platoon at the hands of the
    Ghost Bears, Samuel now keeps more to himself.  It is unclear if he is suffering
    from depression himself.
    Samuel was nearly killed during a Word of Blake attack on the Strider's Strikers
    H.Q. in 3068.  He was posted in the Command Tower for too long with his
    friend, Mechwarrior Xandar Harlow.  While the two helped guide Ryan Harrison
    through the Mech facility in an attempt to eliminate all infiltrators from the
    complex, Blakist commandos made their way into the Command Tower's upper
    Samuel was shot on the stairwell just as he was putting on his custom armor.  
    He'd been unable to protect his chest and face fast enough because of the
    order in which he had to put on the armor's different components.  Though
    rumors of his death circulated, he recovered from the attack in time to prevent
    his own demise.  He sealed and locked the armor before clumsily jump-jetting
    his way to safety.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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