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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Vernon Kemstry

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  2997
Place of Origin:  Taurian Concordat

Gunnery:  1 with RAC-5 Specialist Skill

Piloting:  3

Pilots:  60-ton Rifleman

Lance:  Not Applicable

...Not Applicable
...Not Applicable

Infamous Mechwarrior

One half of the infamous Chemical Brothers, Vernon Kemstry is the sharpshooting Mechwarrior known only as 'Mad Dog' to his past employers. Vernon, a native of the Taurian Concordat, has practiced Mech piloting since his first successful theft of a Rifleman while he was a teenager. Though unknown to everyone but his close ally Andre Beck, Vernon has only ever piloted 60-ton Rifleman Mechs. His continuous study of that specific machine's controls has allowed him to reach a skill level that most pilot's only ever dream of.
Vernon used his captured Rifleman for several different missions. Initially he was reluctant to use the machine in any illegal actions. However slowly Vernon was convinced by his friends that he must make the most of the powerful Mech's abilities. Taking on a series of secret raiding campaigns for several upper class members of his homeworld's society, Vernon found himself part of the very dirty work he had once despised as a teenager. He sought to prove his abilities as a Mechwarrior, and decided the best way to do so would be by finding worthy Mechwarriors he could test his skills against. Gradually changing the nature of his missions, Vernon found himself in several stand-up fights. He preferred this kind of fighting over his past covert raid operations.
Word was spreading on Vernon's homeworld of the Mechwarrior known as 'Scorpion'. Vernon felt a direct challenge with this increasingly popular character could boost his own popularity. Adopting the name 'Mad Dog', he researched employers who counted Scorpion as an enemy. Before long he had encountered the warrior and was able to prove himself the better of the two.
Years of constant battle against the same foe, as well as contracts on the same planets, finally allowed to two Mechwarriors to get to known one another. Eventually working together on small contracts, they found they had more in common than once believed. However they were still usually hired by varying types of employers, which led them to face one another in battle even more often than before.
Many years later, Scorpion and Mad Dog were once again facing each other. This time the two were not fighting on their homeworld but far in the Periphery on a backwater world known as Contra. Mad Dog joined forces with Scorpion after besting him, and the two warriors decided to help one another by forming a partnership. They then betrayed Scorpion's employer. After a short campaign against the ruthless employer, the two had erased all records of Scorpion's breach of contract.
Returning to the nearest mercenary world, the pair advertised their services under the name the Chemical Brothers. This name seems to have been inspired by Vernon's last name.
Vernon and Andre have recently acquired new variants of their Rifleman and Warhammer Mechs. These were captured in one of their contracts against the Word of Blake. Shortly after capturing the Mechs, the pair joined the Strider's Strikers.
Vernon's version of the Rifleman sports twin large-bore rotary autocannons. These weapons appear to be just what Vernon was looking for in a weapon, with a high damage potential and lethal firing rate. Though Vernon used large laser weapons for decades, he had never been gifted with energy weapons. He has come into sync with his Mech like never before after acquiring the RAC-5 guns, and seems to have unrivaled aim when using these newly designed weapons.

This profile was last updated in 3070.
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