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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Charity Urika

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Female
Year of Birth:  3039
Place of Origin:  Free Rasalhague Republic

Gunnery:  Not Applicable

Piloting:  Not Applicable

Pilots:  Not Applicable

Lance:  Not Applicable

...Not Applicable
...Not Applicable

Denouncement Conspirator

Once a clever and wildly successful tout on her homeworld, young Charity
Urika's life was destroyed with the arrival of the Clans in 3050.  Her native Free
Rasalhague Republic, which had only been established five years before
Charity's birth, was utterly conquered by 3052 by the forces of Clan Wolf and
Clan Ghost Bear.  The effect was devastating.  Most of her planet's population
openly surrendered to Ghost Bear rule.
Charity took a different route altogether.  With her optimistic spirit and
unmatched ability to barter and trade her way out of anything, she soon left her
homeworld under the guise of part of the Clan Technician Caste.  During the
Ghost Bear's raiding of the Draconis Combine world of Labrea, she seized the
opportunity to escape into the local population and gain her own independence.
She struck out on her own with her several talents:  bribery, seduction, theft,
and persuasion.
With her penchant for gambling and trickery becoming an important part of her
survival, Charity began controlling several upper-class men in Labrea's larger
cities. She was able to dupe them into sharing their wealth with her.  Coming
across a wealthy weapons designer and Word of Blake sympathizer by the
name of Cuc Worthington, Charity jumped at the chance to bilk the man of most
of his savings.  She was largely successful in her scheme.
It was Charity's special talent - siphoning profits from willing fools for her own
well-being - that next brought her into a collision course with others who were
dependent on Cuc's donations.  The chief organization among these was the
Denouncement group, a sect of radical technicians within the Word of Blake's
Toyama faction.  Charity's apt bargaining skills again saved her life and even
earned herself some new advantages when she achieved a deal with the
Denouncement's leader.  She would be spared death in exchange for regularly
offering her own advice on money-making schemes in addition to giving up
some of her own profits to the Denouncement.  She would also benefit from the
deal as she personally seduced the Denouncement's leader, Dalek Imir, and
received even more financial gifts.

This profile was last updated in 3068.
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