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Hale Public Library
Labrea, Irece Prefecture
Draconis Combine
Third Quarter, 3065

As Jasmine Geutie entered the wide steel doors of the public library, she felt as though she was entering a cave. It had been so many years since she had been to this enormous building, and now she was returning for the same reason she had once visited. The information was hidden here, tucked away somewhere in the memory banks of the library's main computer. All that Jasmine needed were a series of passwords, the answers to a dozen or so riddles, and an empty disk to store the information on. This information was so important to her team, the Acer's Hueys. Though they had left this star system decades ago, they had been bound to this area by this single data file.

"The location of the Star League Warship..." Jasmine thought silently. "Soon we will share this priceless information with the Strikers." She could only hope the Strider's Strikers team was trustworthy. Its commander seemed an honest man, but so much was at risk for the Hueys. If they were betrayed, they would have nothing left.

Jasmine had dressed well for today's operation. Donning a new suit colored light gray with black trim, she had picked formal attire for her library visit. She wanted to look professional, yet boring. The better she blended in with the upper class locals who so frequently visited the building, the better chances she had of avoiding trouble. She sported a small black briefcase similar to any business person. In this she carried only two things, a computer disk and her slugthrower pistol. Her short black hair had been trimmed yesterday, giving her a fresh look unlike that of her usual appearance. She boasted an exaggerated, fake smile to conceal any of her actual concerns.

Looking up to the high ceiling several meters above her, Jasmine examined the library for any changes it might have undergone in the last 25 years. As she expected, vidcams and other security devices had been installed. The Hueys had locked away their secret safe here, and it seemed as though the library's supervisor had installed the requested security upgrades for further insurance. Looking back down to her surroundings, Jasmine realized that only a few people populated the library's main entrance. Off to her left, a young woman of Asian descent sat upon a wooden bench, her face tucked away inside a large history book. On Jasmine's right walked an elderly couple, slowly strolling down the polished rock floor. Their pace slowed as they approached her, then they smiled warmly and walked through the exit. The door slammed hard, grabbing Jasmine's attention for a brief moment. Though she was nervous, very nervous, she had to maintain her calm exterior. This data retrieval would only take a moment, after all...

As her thoughts returned to the day's plans, Jasmine noticed that the Asian woman had finally looked up from her book. Squinting her eyes and flashing another exaggerated smile, Jasmine acknowledged the other woman with a quick nod. The woman gave no recognition of the greeting, seemingly seeing past Jasmine in hopes of something more exciting. Discouraged, the woman lifted her book once again and resumed reading.

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