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Temporary Inconvenience

Prison Barracks
Kubrick's Mech Fort
New Hessen
Capellan Confederation
Fourth Quarter, 3028

"Now what do we do?" Jasmine's eyes squinted, looking for hope among her fellow imprisoned lancemates. Though her soft, narrow, oriental face shown only expressions of youth, maybe even those of a 16 year old, concealed beneath she possessed sharp wits unlike many of her 26 years of age. She turned to Leghorn, biting her lip in anticipation of her commander's thoughts.

Ace Leghorn, a green pilot of 42 years of age, furrowed his large dark eyebrows. New to this mercenary way of life, he struggled to solve these grave problems plaguing his newfound team. After disobeying orders to protect his men, Ace and his command lance were court-martialed and imprisoned. The assault lance, four other members of the team, had escaped in their Mechs shortly after Capellans had ordered their surrender. Ace now had to decide if they would attempt an escape, or serve out their 4 month sentence behind bars. After several minutes of weighing his options, he addressed the others.

"Since we have no contact with our other lance, we will wait for news about them. I have only one plan for escape. It entails more bloodshed than I prefer, and its rather risky. So...we wait. What's everyone's opinion? Shall we wait?" Though Ace asked for everyone's opinions, he knew he couldn't let them sway his decision. Even if he HAD overlooked something, his duty was that of a commander. This was one of the few beliefs about this job that he held to. He musn't doubt his abilities or show weakness to his men.

"Uhrr. I 'spect that suits me." Vender Stepps grumbled. Another new pilot, he was well over Ace's age. At 59, his mind had yet to serve him well. Vender had learned only recently that he was, at best, a follower and most definitely not a leader. Though his new job was dangerous, it held more action and thus proved more enjoyable to him. Grunting once more, he curiously eyed his lancemate Megan.

Megan T, an exceptionally attractive 19 year old female, fixed Vender with a hard stare. Curling her full, pouting lips down into a frown, she hinted disgust at the older man's sudden interest in her. Despite her age, Megan was considered a veteran pilot. Her 5 years of battlefield experience in the Capellan March, natural gunnery and piloting talents, and rather well-developed figure all contributed to her snobbish attitude. Though many found these traits intimidating in such a young female, Ace typically made expert use of her Mechwarrior skills, even on occasions when she protested otherwise. Even now she turned her glare past Jasmine to Ace, and said quite predictably, "Well I believe we should try breaking out immediately. The Capellans are only going to extend on our '4 month' stay." Having explained her thoughts, Megan gave Jasmine an icy stare. "Well?"

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