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Reinforced Company Analysis

  • Command
  • Skills
  • Assessment

Commanding Officer: Sir Alec de Payens

Combat Specialty: Stand Up Fight

A passionate and driven man, Sir Alec de Payens is a master of logistics. He leads his team in a fight against radicals of the Inner Sphere. He is supported by a team of Ex-Knights who once served alongside him in the Knights of the Inner Sphere.

Other Lance/Star Commanders: Sir Frederick de Saint Aldemarr, Sir Rick Ridges, Hayato Rihaku

Gunnery Average: 3.31

Piloting Average: 4.12

Skill Level: 2-3 (Well-trained Combatants)

Tech Level: 4 (Heavily Customized Inner Sphere)

Experience Level: 4

Tactics Level: 4 (Experienced Tactician Commanding)

Threat Level: 3-4 (Moderate to High)

The Crusaders Company are composed of a group of heavily modified designs sporting both short and long range configurations. The group of Ex-Knights who created the unit decided long ago that weapons configurations could often prove more important than skills. Fully believing in this concept, Sir Alec de Payens has created his company-sized team with the best technology the Inner Sphere has to offer.

Leading the team in his lance, Sir Alec and his lancemates pilot heavy designs boasting twin long and short range abilities. Traditional long range missiles accompanied by large laser and PPC support discourage enemies at range. Medium lasers provide close combat protection.

The assault lance carries new RAC technology, delivering critical damage to enemies quickly. At closer ranges, the Grand Titan packs a powerful punch in the form of Streak short range missiles and medium lasers. Thunderbolt long range missiles and Gauss rifles give the group hard hitting power at ranges.

The scout lance is made up of missile support Mechs. The group uses tactics that hope to pit its larger and heavier armored scouts against those of lighter enemies. Thanks to superior tactics, the concept has worked thus far.

The Crusaders are backed by fire support from the Strider's Strikers. This lance is made up of relatively inexperienced pilots in older heavy and assault Mechs. Most sport long range weaponry.

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