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Reinforced Trinary Analysis

  • Command
  • Skills
  • Assessment

Commanding Officer: Cecil

Combat Specialty: Search and Destroy

A long time ristar of the Nova Cat Clan, Cecil has accepted the unofficial rank of Star Captain to lead this Trinary of Nova Cat and Steel Viper Mechs. Cecil is most capable in the cockpit of his Mech, but he is not overconfident enough to assume he can do all the commanding himself. He relies on his Star Commanders for advice because he is quite new to his current rank.

Other Lance/Star Commanders: Stenson, Hamner, Claudia

Gunnery Average: 2.25

Piloting Average: 3.15

Skill Level: 4-5

Tech Level: 5 (Clan)

Experience Level: 4

Tactics Level: 4 (Capable Tactician Commanding)

Threat Level: 4-5 (High-Very High)

The Clan Command Trinary is composed of warriors from two separate Clans, the Nova Cats and the Steel Vipers. This cooperative brings together skills and traditions from two very different Clans. Such a rare situation calls for cooperation regarding the differing strategies among the four star commanders.

The group is commanded by Nova Cat Ristar Mechwarrior Cecil. His star is set up as an all purpose attack unit and is made up of variously sized Mechs. Cecil and his starmates form the backbone of the Trinary, but do not field its largest Mech designs.

Supporting the command star in an assault role are Beta star, whose heavier Mech designs make up the group's most powerful weapons. The star is led by Mechwarrior Stenson of the Steel Vipers, but also contains the Nova Cat liaison officer Savalas. The Beta star Mechs are an array of Omni designs that can be fitted to whatever their mission requires.

In the traditional role of a scout star, Mechwarrior Hamner and his starmates provide the Trinary with patrol and probe capabilities. Once again, this star is also composed of Omni designs that can be modified easily for any situation.

Mechwarrior Claudia and her starmates reinforce the Trinary with a fourth star composed of mostly heavy Omni designs, which usually field long range configurations. This star is particularly loyal to star commander Sasha Breen of the Strider's Strikers scout lance. While they follow Cecil's orders, they're also known for taking unnecessary risks.

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